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American Heritage


A game of war tactics . . and a

chance to change history

Take command of Union or Confederate

forces. Attack with infantry, cavalry and ar–

tillery. Capture all enemy troops or force him

into a pocket and you win. Moves are deter–

mined by dice and your own strategy. I n–

cludes: illustrated American Heritage history

booklet, 44 plastic pieces, dice and 24x19.V.-in.

board. For 2 or 4 players. Ten years to adult.

49 N128-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.... .. .. .......$3.77





American Heritage


A swashbuckling new game, based on naval

strategy actually used in the War of 1812

Complete with



3 3

24 playing pieces

Recreate the lusty clays of great

sailing ships as you defend your

harbor or set out to scuttle the

enemy_. Rig your own ships .. learn

maneuvers to bring you in position

to fire broadsides. Masts fall or ships

sink at each hit. You win if all

invading ships are sunk. Enemy

wins if he can sink the 4 merchant–

men i11 your harbor.

Strategy tips included· in the

American Heritage book of battles.

Board, 20-full-rigged plastic ships,

buoys, shore cannon. For 2 players.

(Ages 10 to adult).

49 N 168-Wt. 2 lbs. 13 oz.....$3.33


game of power politics. You're national


leader, diplomat, strategist, tycoon .. rolled into one

You choose a country .. juggle steel mills, bases,

consumer production. Try to gain economic and

military power .. plus popular support at home and

abroad. The current events cards that direct the

game provide the exciting element of chance.



You win


you capture the hidden enemy flag.

Guess how his forces and bombs are placed by

advancing across field. When playing pieces chal–

lenge each other, the one with lesser rank drops out.

A game for 2 players. Ages 9 to adult. 80 wooden



battlefield playing board.

49 N 167-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 4 oz.........$3.99

Play it smart and you'll win with the most points

at the Summit Conference. Includes: 19x24-inch

world map, chips, m!lrkers, current events cards,

instr. book, score pad. 3-6 players. (10 to adult).

49 N130-Shipping weight 3 lbs. 8 oz..... ..$5.33

Troke Castle Checkers


A new strategy game that combines the speed of

checkers and the challenge of chess. Reassemble

your 3-piece castles on opposite side of the board.

Earn chips by capturing opposing pieces along the

way. Four can play. Includes: 14.V.xl4-in. board,

16 plastic castles, chips. (Ages 10 to adult).

49 N 131 -Shipping wt. 2 lbs. .. ............$2.99