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Mattel's Talk to Cecil




a hand puppet that really talks-via a built-in

sound unit (no batteries required). He directs the game

himself with 11 different clues. The game is played on a

colorful cardboard puzzle-track and is sure to delight any

child from 6 to 12. Includes: puppet, die, 17-piece track,

playing cards, card rack and 4 beany markers. For 4 players.

49 N 136-;-Shipping weight 2 lbs..................... $4.49

Giant Block of 30 Games




Youngsters can take their choice of games . . play them

right on the block itself. A turn is all it takes for 6 game

board sides. And, the rugged corrugated fiberboard box is

its own storeroom. Packed inside: checkers, playing pieces,

<lice, spinners, chips, and instructions for play. 16% inches

on all sides.


N385C-Shipping weight





Bridg-It $166

A fast moving game for two that's

easy as Tic-Tac-Toe with the fun

and skill of chess and checkers. Your

aim: build a bridge across the board,

while opponent tries to block your

moves. Ages 6 to adult. 2 can play.

49 N373-Shipping wt. 1 lb.... $1.66

For thrills and chills


Go on a treasure hunt

in Ideal's exciting new

Haunted House Gaine

Surprises and spooks in 3-D. Every move

depends on the Owl Spinner. You never

know when iridescent doors will pop open

with a spook to give you directions. Your

job is to get the treasure first. Then, get out

with it safe and sound. Take as many as

three with you and the fun begins. The

tough styrene plastic house is 18 inches long

and 14 inches high .. three inches deep for

3-dimensional realism. Fun for one . . fun

for the whole family.


N 153l-Shipping weight 4 lbs.....



NBC-TV News with Chet Huntley


A new game to test your knowledge of current events or

world capitals. Toss the clice and land on a question card.

It's yours for the right answer. Use it to challenge your

opponents if they land. Their wrong answer gives you

another card. Ten and you win.


family fun. 19xl9-in.

cardboard. Board, markers, buttons, <lice, 2 sets of cards.


N226-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 4 oz............... $2.44

60 Games in a chest




54 Games


A de luxe game chest 17x11x6V2 in. high. Enough

here to keep them busy for hours on end. Card

games, playing boards, party games (even pin-the–

tail-on-the-donkey), Tiddly Winks, games of skill.

games of chance-plus all the checkers, spinners,

marbles, clice, movers and markers they need.

49 N 154-Shipping weight


lbs. 8 oz.........


Here's the answer for rainy days .. a baby

sitter's dream. In one box are all the

pieces to play Old Maid, Pick-up-Sticks,

Bingo, and many more exciting games. Set

incl.: folcling playing boards, boxed cards,

instruct., equipment to keep things moving.


N363-Shipping wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz.... $2.89