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Lullabye Babies

Stretch and


snuggle deep


Music box plays as they sleep


All vinyl fully jointed lullabye baby with fingers

bent into list like real-life baby. As music bo:o: in–

side her plays " Brahms' Lullaby," she moves

naturally like a real baby. 12 in. tall. Rooted Saran

hair can be combed. Striped cotton flannel sleeping

outfit. stocking cap.

49 N 3003-Shipping weight 1 pound ....... $4. 79


Same, except molded hair.

49 N 3145-Sbipping weight 1 pound ... . 3.99

Little Mother

carries her baby


16 inch, fully jointed

with moving eyes. Her

long auburn rooted

hair flows over her

flannel :Mother Hub–

bard gown. Bonnet.

)<lother cuddles her

own 8-inch baby doll

that drinks from her

own little bottle .. wets

and moves her eyes.

Plastic body and legs.

vinyl head and arms.

Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 12 oz.

49 N 3143 . ... $6.99

Pudgy and soft, mischievous too,

Posing them gives you lots to do

So soft to touch, so

much fun to play with.

Their 17-inch plastic

foam bodies are made for

cuddling . . and posing.

Just bend them into any

lifelike position and there

they'll stay. The mis–

chievous expressions

seem to say,


Jots of

fun." Dressed in cotton

outfits. Shpg. wt. each


lb. 12 oz.


Posy Pixi in yellow

49 N 3139 ... $7.44



Posy Pixi in pink

49 N 3141 ... $7.44

Posy Pixi



49 N 3140 . . .$7.44

Baby Cupcake in her

$ 499

drop-seat pajamas

This all-vinyl drink-and-wet baby has

her own bottle. She's fully jointed

and has moving eyes.

Squeeze her tummy and hear her

coo. A perfect first doll; decorative.

too. Dressed in white cotton flannel–

ette pajamas with pink floral drop–

seat. She sleeps on a pink floral pillow

with rullles. 12 inches tall.

49 N 3144-Wt. l lb. 8 oz. . .. $4.99

So sweet and drowsy


Her head moves ..

her eyes open and close

Snoozie's a real sleepy head as she squirms

with drowsy delight. Tum her back

control knob and she moves her head,

opens and closes her eyes, cries softly to be

picked up and cuddled. Her Saran hair

can he combed. set and washed. Vinyl

limbs, head; cloth body. About 20 in tall.

49 N3122-Shpg. wt. 4lbs..... $12.77

'Jama Baby helps


keep room tidy

A clever idea to help little miss keep

her room clean. This adorable doll's

body is really a pajama bag.



morning. the little gal will be eager

to put her pajamas where they belong

. . in 'Jama Baby. Eyes open and close.

Rooted hair. About 12 inches tall.

49 N 3142-Shpg. wt. l lb.... .$4.89