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Guide your tank by remote control

if it hits a hidden mine


this 4x3-foot battlefield

Sold only


at Sears



Tank lumbers forward, backward, left or right. It's a game to

see who can make it across cloth battlefield. !OH-in. plastic tank

"blows up"


it rolls over 1 of 10 magnetic mines .. rebuilds

easily. 6 maps. Order 2


batteries below.

49 N 4211-Shipping weight 3 pounds............. Set $5.99

49 N 4660-"D"


Wt. each 4 oz. 2 for 32c; 4 for 60c

Wind-up Train on base

See the town, pass through a tunnel,

tour the countryside. Real moving

signals go into action when train

passes. Two metal cars with plastic

engine, 11 in. long. Colorful metal

base 22x13 in. wide. From U.S.

79 N 5736C-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. $2.79


Wind-up Combat Tank

Includes colorful metal base with

scenes from the "front line." Tank

crosses bridge, goes in and out over

the battlefield, through tunnel, then

back again. Metal tank is 2 in. long.

Base is 1Sx7 inches wide. Strong

clock-spring motor and key.

49 N 4215-Sbpg. wt.


oz... 99c

Wind-up Auto Race

Starter waves his flag-they're off.

Two 4-i n. cars speed around



in. wide figure-8 track. Cars never

collide at intersection .. one stops,

other goes. Steel track snaps to–

gether. From West Germany.

49 N 4220-Wt.


lb. 14 oz. $1.69


Battleground Tank

Watch tank go over bridges and roads

just like real military action. Wind–

up tank climbs up and over hill, then

back again, without stopping. Color–

ful metal base folds out. Metal tank

is 4 in. long. Base is 33x3 in. wide.

Strong clock-spring motor, key.

49 N 5685-Wt. l lb. 2oz... $1.69

52-piece Farm Set with hand-painted


livestock .. even a windmill that turns

Little hands will keep busy for hours sending the cows to pasture, or

just moving the animals around. Livestock includes pigs, cows, horses,

goats, chickens, ducks and a collie, too. There are 3 hand-painted farmer

figures to run the farm. Other accessories are a building.


fence sections,

a feeder and a windmill. All are made of durable plastic.

49 N 5673-Sbipping weight 6 ounces.... . . . . ........... . .Set 99c

91-piece Army Set ·with 30 soldiers, tank,


helicopter, jeeps, trucks and cannon




varied action poses stand 1


inches high. Other pieces also

included are: motorcycles, fence sections, cannon shells. All of plastic.

49 N 5674-Shipping weight 6 ounces............ . . ..... Set 99c

Note: A// items

on page from Hong Kong or Japan unless otherwise noted