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• Lap counter keeps tab

•Trestle and banked curves

• Authentic l/32nd scale


Here's a real test of your skill and daring. You and your partner start fast ..

ease the two 5-inch racing cars around the first curve. Then "gun" yours down

the straightaway. Hit the


curve at high speed. Zoom right through

the giant loops. Steady now. Hold on tight as your racer climbs up .. over ..

and down the giant "spin-around loop." It's the biggest thrill



sets today. Made exclusively for Sears by famous toymaker Lionel.

You get curved, straight and loop track sections to form a 4x7-foot layout.

Also flags, rails, trestles with banking piers to tilt


curves. Plastic and metal.

Powerpack with track connector. UL.approved, 110-120-v.,



49 N 9532C-Shipping weight 10 pounds .•....................... $19.88