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One quick

"12.ush-12.ull" on sliding

barrel loads BB, cocks gun

The action's so easy you can rapid-fire all

22 BB shots right from the shoulder .. and

the feature adults like most is that you can

see when the gun is loaded and cocked.

Helps teach safety and proper handling of

a firearm to youths.

Has the big-rille look with Monte Carlo hardwood stock and

blued steel barrel. Rear sights adjust for windage and eleva–

tion. Exceptional high impact for BB


35-in. barrel.

6 N 10294C-Shipping weight 5 pounds ... ... . ... $10.25

NOTE: Pellet guns not sold to minors. Pellet and BB guns not sold In Chicago,

New Hampshire or New Jersey. In Pennsylvania, certificate to verify

age is required on any riAe purchase.

They're the spittin' image of Big Guns


Lever Action


Captures every detail of famous


that won the West. Even has buckhorn adjustable rear

sight; side-loading port takes 40 BB's. Lever-action loading.

Hammer safety. Plastic stock. With BB's, oil. 38-in. long.

6 N 1912C-Shipping weight 4 pounds .... . ...... . $9.99


Pump action Repeater. Slams out BB's as fast as you can

pump and fire. Adjustable rear step sights, under-barrel

magazine like on real


Holds 45 BB's. Cross-bolt safety,

take-down barrel teaches


care. BB supply included.

6 N 1921L-Shipping weight


pounds .. ......... $12.97

Famous Sears BB Rifles .. by Daisy


Pump-type Rifle keeps the action right at eye level. You

can keep rifle shouldered as you pump-fire at target.

Chamber holds up to 50 shot5 on 1 filling. Adjustable rear

sights help you bead in accurately at any range. Sliding pump

action feeds new BB, cocks gun. With BB supply, oil.

6 N 10276C-Shipping weight 4 pounds . . . .. .. . ... $8.74


50-shot Lever Action. The cowboy's companion. He could

control the reins with one hand and pump-fire with the

other. One quick snap of the lever cocks and loads rifle. Holds

up to 50 shots for fast and furious firing. Rear sights adjust

for distance. BB sup1,>lY, oil included.

6 N 1903C-Shipping weight 4 pounds . .. . ...... .. .$7.45


Thrifty Lever Action. Pour in a whole tube of BB's at a

time. Actually holds 350 BB's for one walloping long time

of target or can plinking. Fires fast with lever cocking action.

Tilt rifle for new BB. With BB supply and oil.

6 N 1920C-Shipping weight 2 pounds.......... ... $4.87

.22-caliber Pellet Rifle and


Develop accuracy by target shooting-without shelling out a

small fortune for ammunition or power tubes. 6 quick hand

pumps will send a .22 pellet along at 453 feet per second ..

gives "-inch groupings at 25-feet. 4-power scope; achromatic

lenses. Windage and elevation adjustments.

6 N 1919C-Shipping weight 7 pounds .......... .$27.95

.22-col. Pellets. Can of 500. Lead. For all pellet guns.

6 N 1907-Shipping weight 1 lb. 3 oz......... Can $1.69


Powerlets. Box of 10-for Sears or Crosman C0



6 N 1906-Shipping weight 13 ounces.........Box $1.79

Extra BB's. Standard size. Pkg. of 4 tubes (about 800 BB's)-

6 N 10306-Shipping weight 1 pound ..... . ... Pkg. 38c