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U . IJ

6 : 15 in the morning is no

time to guess which hand

is bigger

. Sears new

digital clock tells you the

exact time in big. bold

eye-opener numerals

$137 95

St ereo FM /AM

Sou,nd Center

• Digital clock automatically

• Four-speed



• Large. fu ll-toned 5Y•-in.

turns on or shuts off radio and

record changer with protec- speaker in each walnut-

phono . . just pre-set clock

tive tinted dust cover

grained speaker enclosure

Space-saver component system packs big features in a small package .. can be placed on a

12-in. deep bookshelf. Great for students, game room, family room . You can play records

of all sizes and speeds; changer shuts off automatically after last record. Featherlight 3-

gram arm with ceramic cart ridge; long-lasting diamond needle. Stereo FM / AM radio

with stereo alert light to signal stereo broadcasts. Controls for balance, tone, tuning, function

and volume; alarm. time and sleep switches. Connection for tape deck to play or record.

Walnut-grained molded cabinets. 16

11 { 6



x7 in. deep. Speaker: 9x7x5


A in. deep.


roll cart 57 N .3204 on



57 N 3286L- Wt. 39 lbs.. . . . . . . . . .. . .. . ...... . ..... . ... . .. . ..... .. . . . . .. . .. . . .$137.95

Brackets under set adjust

TV screen to your most

comfortable viewing angle

. even if set is placed on

high bedroom dresser or low

living room coffee table


Wake to black-and-white TV. AM /FM Radio or buzzer alarm . just pre-set clock

. 8 -inch diagonal measure picture TV with light-diffuser screen to cut glare

Greet the morning sunshine on time while you enjoy TV or radio. You can even pre-set clock to

shut-off radio or TV automatically after 2 hours. Instant start TV features keyed automatic gain

control to reduce picture flutter and keep the picture "rock-steady". Solid state AM / FM radio

brings you sound instantly. Big 5x3-inch speaker. Use earphone for private listening or pillow

speaker for late-night TV viewing .. you won't disturb a soul. Walnut-grained molded cabinet.

10'!·'.<xl6Yix10 \fi inches deep. F rom Japan. UL listed.

W57 N 5030N- Shipping weight 20 pounds. Sent freight (rail or truck) or express ...... . .. $137.95

Start the day


AM Digital Clock Radio

Easy-to-read clock


up to 45° in either

direction. Can be set to wake you to music

and buzzer or music only. Set it just once–

ifll remember to wake you.


Low silhouet te radio with easy-to-read digital clock

lace, perfectly-timed for Christmas gift, giving. Solid

state AM/ FM radio with slide-rule tuning for accurate

station selection. Switchable automatic frequency

control for drift-free FM . Top-firing 3


h -in. speaker

for great sound. Built-in AM rod antenna, line cord

FM antenna. Two-tone gray and white high-impact

plastic cabinet and clock housing. 5xl0x7'-'! in. deep.

UL listed.

57 N 2089- Shipping weight 4 lbs. 8 oz.. . .. . . $47.95

FM/AM Clock Radio

Dual powered for dual convenience .

operates on batteries outdoors. house

current indoors .. wakes you to music

Solid state chassis for instant sound. Set battery–

operated clock to wake you at pre-set time. Clear,

crisp sound and tone from 31h-in. speaker. Switch–

able AFC locks in FM. Slide-rule dial pinpoints

stations quickly. Built-in AM rod antenna, tele–

scoping FM whip antenna. Order 4 "C" bat–

teries below. Earphone. Walnut-grained high–

impact plastic cabinet. 5x13x3



in. deep. UL listed.

57 N 2083- Shipping weight 4 lbs. 7 oz. . .. $41 .95

"C" size Battery for Radio above. (Uses 4).

57 N 6446- Shipping weight 2 oz...... Each 17c

Rise and shine to black-and-white TV or buzzer alarm ..

12-inch diagonal measure picture with light-diffuser screen

Pre-set clock to wake you to TV or buzzer automatically .. And you can set clock to shut-off TV

too . . now you can fall asleep without waking up to t he test pattern. VHF memory fine tuning

locks in each channel . . set once and forget. UHF dial tuning. Keyed automatic gain control

brings you flutter-free reception. Four-inch speaker for loud and clear sound. Earphone for

private listening; pillow speaker. Walnut-grained high-impact molded cabinet. 11'hxl7




inches deep. UL listed . From Japan.

W57 N 5080N- Shipping weight 24 pounds. Sent freight (rail or truck) or express ........ $117.95


both pages : Radios and TV's for 110- 120-volt, 60-cycle AC .