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Ring the doorbell, open this delightful Fisher Price

Play House with 4 furnished rooms, garage, car


Garage door slides up for mini-auto. Hinged front door (doorbell rings when lever is

pushed). Movable staircase for easy access to the second floor. 11 pieces of furniture

are easily moved about by little fingers. Includes captain's chairs, wingback chairs,

round table, coffee table, twin beds, and a double


Family includes daddy, mom–

my, brother, sister and dog. Rugged wood and plastic house folds into a



h x8'%-in. high carry case. Non-toxic litho and enamel finish.



44298--Shippingweight 6 pounds 12ounces ... ........... . ... . .. . .... $8.87

House locks shut with

large carrying handle

Fisher-Price Family Action Garage

Drive "Super-Speed" c ars o nto g rease rack

or into elevator up to parking area

It's a parking ramp and service center. Drive one car into the elevator.

Crank on side lifts elevator as STOP gates close and bell rings. Car auto–

matically ejected from elevator "speeds" down ramp. Front handle ro–

tates disc, distributes car to color-coded parking area. Crank raises and

lowers grease rack. Gas pump with removable hose. 4 "super-speed" cars,

4 play family figures. 17'hx15'hxll inches high. Sturdy hardboard and

plastic construction with non-toxic finish .



44299C--Shipping weight 9 pounds .. . . ... . ... .. . .. ... . .... $8.87

438 Sears


Fisher-Price Play Family Farm

Barn silo with 22 farm figures, equipment pieces. Flexible plastic ani–

mals. Barn door opens with "m00-000" sound. Removable silo top,

hayloft door opens. Hinged handle. Plastic, wood. 10%x7'hx10 in.



4431--Shipping weight 5 pounds .... . . .... .. .... .... ... $8.87

Fisher-Price Play Family Jet

Fun jet now departing. Rugged plastic plane rolls on 6 '"balloon" tires,

makes "whirring" jet engine sound. Pilot looks left and right. Door

lowers. 4 member play family and 2 pieces of luggage fit openings

inside. 11o/ul3'hx6'4-inches high.



4430-Shipping weight 1 pound 14 ounces .. . . . ... . . . .. . $3.99