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464 Sears


Action-packed AUTO-TRAIN

starts train



moves auto along road


motor unit builds

into truck body

Train carries autos

to unloading area .


push button and flip switch

to send autos traveling

across coil-active highway

to loading point.

Fl ip another switch

and train returns

to loading area

and picks up autos



Freight train chugs along track carrying 3 flatcars full of action to keep

. youngsters fascinated for hours. Enters tunnel and stops at unloading area.

You release autos one by one and start them rolling on their merry way over

coil-operated highway by pushing tab and flipping switch to activate coil. Autos

circle town and travel up thru mountains toward loading area. Flip another

switch and train backs into loading area. Push tab to move autos back onto train

one by one. Brightly colored landscape . . 18x24 inches long, 8 inches high. Train

with flatcars, 1



inches long. Made ofrugged plastic and metal. Uses 2 "D"

batteries, order package below. From West Germany.

79 N 44037C-Shipping weight 5 pounds .............. ... .. . . . . . ..... . $9.99

49 N 8405-"D" Batteries. Pkg. of6. Wt. 1lb. 8 oz....... .... . ...... . .Pkg. 1.49



Bui ld your own remote control trucks

that move forward and backward






power unit


without batteries

Build operating trucks, tractors, construction equipment and much more with

this Lego kit. Rugged high-impact plastic blocks come in various sizes of red,

white, gray and blue. J ust press together .. blocks lock together securely yet

can be easily taken apart. Doors actually open, close. Insert motor unit to

operate by remote control. Power


uses 3


batteries, order pkg. below.

49 N 16146-Shipping weight 2 pounds 4 ounces..

. . . .... Set $14.99

"C" Batteries. Package of6.

49 N 8406-Shipping weight 12 ounces... .. . . .. . .

. .. Pkg. $1 .19