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Fisher-Price Play Family

The Little People That

Little People Love


Play Family House. It's a house filled with the

kinds of things kids see in their own home. Close

up to carry--0pen for hours of fun! Features 4 rooms,

and 11 pieces of furniture. When the doorbell rings,

open the front door and let guests in. There's a garage

door that slides up and there's even a family car inside!

Includes 4 family members and their pooch. Wood and

plastic. Measures 15Y•x9'hx8:Y.. in. high, closed;

opens to


on. long x 4% in. deep. For ages 2 to

about 6 years. Will be $19.99 on Jan. 24. 1981 .

XU 925-6082 A- Delivery weight 7 lbs ..NOW 18.99


Play Family Action Garage. Children know that

when the garage door opens, fun and excitement

begin. 2-level garage has elevator, ramps, 4 cars, 4

figures, gas pump with hose, grease rack. Crank lifts

elevator as bell rings. Stop signs go up and down. Car

automatically scoots from the elevator and down the

ramp. Front handle rotates parking disk--<Jirects car to

a color-coded parking area. Sturdy hardboard and

plastic. 17Y2x15'hx11 in. high. Forages 2 lo about 6

years. Will be $19.99 on Jan. 24, 1981 .

XU 923-7520 A-Del.


7.50 lbs .........NOW 18.99


Play Family Farm. Children dream about being on

a farm, and they're sure to love this


cially when barn doors open to a mooing sound.

There's a hayloft with sliding doors, and a silo with a

removable lop. The horse, cow, lamb, pig, and dog all

have movable heads and legs. The hen and rooster

have movable heads. Comes with 4 play family farm

people. tractor, watering trough, yoke for horse, cart,

and4-pc. fence.Barn is 11x7V•x8% in. high from carry

handle. Silo is 10 in. high. Wood, plastic and card–

board. For ages 2 to about 6 years. Will


$19.99 on

Jan. 24, 1981.

XU 924-2918 A-Delivery weight 7 lbs ..NOW 18.99


Play Family


and Camper. There's everything

lo make the great outdoors great! A 4-wheel-drive

station wagon makes aclicking motor sound. The back

seat folds down and the boat fits on top. Camper trailer

opens lo form a tent with pop-up cloth cover, swing–

down double door, built-in double beds, table, bench–

es, sink, and range. Storage container mounts on

camper and holds 2 benches, 2 lounging chairs, grill.

Plastic. 4 play family figures. 4x4 Y2x9 in. long. For

ages 2 lo about 6 years.

XU 925-6249 A-Delivery weight 1.50 lbs......11.77


Play Family Fire Station. Turn the crank. the ga–

rage door opens, the fire bell clangs, and out

comes the fire truck with telescoping ladder and vinyl

fire hose. There's even a chief's car, an ambulance, a

practice tower for drills, and 3 play family firemen, and

their dog. Plus 2 side ladders, 2 road barriers,and 2 fire

truck stabilizers. Plastic. 9V2x8'hx 10Y2 in. high fire

station. For ages 2 to about 6 years. Will be $18.99 on

Jan. 24. 1981 .

XU 925-6157 A-Delivery weight 4 lbs..NOW 17.94


Hooray! The Play Family Circus Train is in town.

Old-time engine pulls cage car and caboose.

Comes with a ringmaster, a clown, and an engineer.

Plus, there are 4 talented circus animals, including a

bear, elephant, monkey,and lion-all the animals have

movable parts. Two-seater train engine with pushbut–

ton whistle and piston-rod wheels. Cage car has open

top and swing-down ramp. Caboose has 2 seats.

doors, and open lop. 18112 in. long overall. Plastic. For

ages 2 to about 6 years.


924-1944 A- Delivery weight


lbs ........... 15.49


Play Family School Bus. Bus makes putt-putt

sound as it's pulled along. The careful bus driver

looks from side to side as the bus moves,and lhe head–

light " eyes" move up and down. 6 happy school kids

and a dog are color-matched to the slotted seats.

Hinged door and roof open. 5Y2x4Y2x13 in. long. Plas–

tic and wood. For ages 2 to about 6 years.

XU 924-8063 A-Delivery weight 2.25 lbs.........9.47




Hardworking Little Trucks. Construction

trucks with spring-loaded action. Each set in–

cludes 2 "little workers" wearing chrome-look plastic

hard hats, plus 2 vehicles, each measuring


in. long. r>Jostic.




to about 6 years.



and Forklift.

Bulldozer has push-down

plow: fork lift has movable fork plus pallet and crate.

XU 924-6646

A-Delivery weight 0.75 lb..........5.77

[9) Front Loader and

Dump Truck. Front loader has

movable bucket: dump truck has tilling box.

><U !>"'4-0C'?O





lb. .........




Save thl• catalog.

Order toy• from page• 375-527

uni/I Augu•I 15, 1981

Action Garage


School Bus


Play Family

Real Estate


Front Loader and


Dump Trunk-4-Pc. Set