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Tropicol Gorden Fruit Coke

Rich, dark deluxe quality fruit cake.


Flavored with spices and honey and

filled with choice fruits. including

cherries and pecans. Packed in an air–

3 lbs.

tight fiber and metal canister, with mailing carton.

8 N 7841-Shpg, wt., 4 lbs ...... 3-lb. cake $2.59

Crisp, delicious Salted Nuts


Fancy Mixed Nuts.

(No peanuts.)



Cashews, almonds and pecans roast-


eduntilthey'recrispandcrunchy.10Y,,oz. lOY,, oz.

8 N7828-Shpg, wt.. I lb. 8 oz . ... $1.19

1D1 Blanched Jumbo Virginia Peanuts. Roasted and


salted; crisp and delicious nuts. 12 oz.

8 N7827-Shipping weight, 14 oz ...... . .... .39c

Gift Delicacy Assortment

A real package of Christmas cheer for



the boys and girls in service. Large

variety of Christmas confections, and

four 2-oz. jars of Social Treat marma- l-lb. box

lades. A beautiful, tempting array of sweets and

goodies. cellophane wrapped and packed in mailer.

8 N7806-Net wt., I lb. Shpg. wt., 3 lbs. 14 oz.$1.00

Recreotion Treat Assortment

An ideal package of good things to eat,


including plain and filled cookies and


assorted hard candies. Also includes


dice and pieces with instructions for

2!4 lbs.

games of Checkers and Capture. Cover of box is

a checkerboard. Corrugated carton for mailing.

8 N7842- Shpg. wt.. 3 lbs ... ... 2!4-lb. box $1.19

Convenient Easy Terms



5-Jar Kitchen Herb Assortment

Gift package of herbs to give an extra–

special taste to foods..Recipes included.

8 N7812-Postpaid. Gift box..... $1.00







Christmas Gift

Contains a delicious 1-pound fruit cake,

4 jars of assorted marmalades. 4 boxes

of tasty cookies, and assortment of fine

quality candies. Net weight, 2 lbs.

8 N 7807- Shpg. wt.. 2 lbs.10oz.... $1.98


2 lbs.