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Two pounds of choice Condied Fruit


tasty assortment, packed in an



Fruit delicacies include g!aced

pineapple, cherries, prunes, figs,



peaches and dat es. A gift that's sure to

please. Shipping weight, 2 lbs. 8 oz.

8 N 7808. . . . .

. . ... 2-pound box $1.59

2!1:!-pound Candied Fruit Assortment

Delicious, wholesome g!aced fruit ,


including pineapple, cherries, figs,


prunes and candied grapefruit.

Many pieces a re stuffed with tasty



fi llings. An ideal gift for men and women in

service. Shipping weight, 3 lbs. 4 oz.

8 N 7809 ....... . . ... . . 2!0.·pound box $1.98

3-pound Box of Fancy Candied Fruit

A variety of .tasty g!aced fruit,


including marshmallow-s tuffed

pi eces.Neatly boxed; cellophane–

wra pped. Shpg. wt., 3 lbs.



3 lbs.

8 N 7810 .. . .. . .. . .. .. . . .. 3-pound box $2.39

For Christmas Giving

Gift boxes of Florida Fruit

Expressed direct from the Grove

Send each of your very special



friends this gift box of de-


licious Florida tree-ripened fruit.

At this unusual low price you

Express Prepaid

can easily afford it. Each box

contains 23 pounds of fruit- averaging 28 or–

anges and 6 grapefruit, with added Persian

limes and kumquats-all carefully and at–

tractively packed. Safe delivery guaranteed.

Think how your friends will enjoy it! Show on

your order your name and names and addresses

of persons to whom boxes are to be sent. We

will send them ;m attractive' greeting card tell–

ing them that this gift is coming to them with

your best wishes.

No orders accepted for delivery

to Calif., Tex., Ariz., Ore., or Wash.

8NM7847F-Expre.ssPrepaid. 23-lb. box $2.98

Available after November 15th



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