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(,") THUMPER. Disney's Cunning Rabbit, with the great big grin and large


buckteeth. Molded buckram face with lots of whimsy and personality.

Featherweight; lovable playmate for even tiniest baby. Pliable, cuddly

body. Stuffed with soft cotton and covered with rayon and cotton plush

in contrasting colors (assorted) . Ribbon bow. All our Disney Toys carry

"Walt Disney" Label and have been approved by The Disney Studios.


SLEEPING BEAR. Drowsy bedtime companion. De luxe quality. Solt as


powder puff The type of toy a child clings to as years pass. Designed

like real baby bear Flu!fy rayon plush, pink with blue paws or blue wllh

pink paws, whichever is available. Cotton stuffed. Floppy ears, tinted

inside. Embroidered closed eyes, nose, mouth. Ribbon bow.

48 T 3091-15 inches long. Shipping weight i lb. 8 oz.... . ........ $2.89

48 T 3089-Abt. 16 in. tall to


of ears. Ship. wt. l lb .•......... . .. $1.98

Only 10% Down on Toys or any items under $10. Details on Page 141.




DOLL. Molded


buckram face with rosy cheeks, blue eyes,

rosebud mouth. Rayon-cotton yarn wig. Head

turns. Strong, flesh-color fabric body, cotton·

filled. Cotton dress, bonnet (assorted prints). One·

piece cotton undie. White socks, shoes. 16 in. tall.


[ 54




48T3233 .......$2.89


CUDDLE BEAR . . . an altractive"companion gift


with the Cuddle


Head, hands, feet of long

pile fluffy rayon and cotton plush. Body covered

with strong cotton fabric in gay assorted prints.

Cotton stuffed. Ribbon bow at neck. Glass eyes,

shiny black plastic nose and red fell tongue.

48T3056-14V2in.tall Ship. wt.


lb.12= . . .$1.98

48 T 3058-18 in. tall. Ship. wt 2 lbs. 12 = .... 2.98


CUDDLE DOG poses with good friend Cuddle

Bear. This merry fellow wears a dandy bow

at his neck. Head, ears, hands, feet of long

fluffy rayon and cotton plush Body covered

with strong (assorted) cotton prints. Cotton

stuffed. Glass eyes, plastic nose, felt tongue.

48 T 3055-14 in. tall. Ship. wt.


lb. 12 oz.. $1.98

48 T 3057-17 in. tall. Ship. wt. 2 lbs. 12

'?" .