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Red Enameled Steel Rocker

A sturdy little rocker inade entirely of


steel . .. long lasting and strong. Each

arm, leg, and rocker one continuous

piece of channel steel-for added strength and smar.t

styling. Smoothly finished with no rough edges to

scratch little arms and legs. Comfortable, shaped

scat, shaped back. Measures 18


in. high overall.

10;1xlOX inch seat is 9;l{ inches from floor. Has

child's favorite bright red enamel finish. Order

today . .. it's a bargain priced rocker that will thrill

your child. Screws for assembling included.


N 08471 -Shipping weight 6 lbs..... . .. $2.19



for any reason you

• arc not satisfied with

any article purchased

from us, return it to

us at our expense, We

will then exchange it

for exactly what you

want or will return

your money . . . in–

cluding. any transpor–

tation charges you

have paid.

Your child will love a new Rocker- - - sizes for all ages



Desk and Chair


Large Size Overstuffed Rocker

$I I



with No-Sag steel springs in scat.

Any little boy or girl will be happy

and proud to receive this luxurious rocker. Covered

with long-wearing, red artifici11l leather. Comfort–

ably padded seat and back-wide arms, nail head

decorations. Seat 14x12;1 in. wide, 13, in. from

floor, with No-Sag steel springs like used in fine

adult furniture. Upholstered back 17 in. wide.

Sturdy wide wood rockers are 24 in. long-added

length means smoother rocking, greater safety.

Rockers are natural finish, varnished.


N 08419-Shipping weight 18 lbs..... $11.98


Upholstered seat. Nicely padded and




covered with red artificial leather

12x11 inch seat stands 9


in. from

A grand work center for children.



Slant top hinged to swing upward-has

rocmiy compartment beneath for storing

._floor. Shaped wood arms and ladder-back mortised

and glued. 20;1 in. rockers. Wood parts enameled red.


N 08439-Shipping weight 7 pounds . ....$3.88

paints, tablets, books ... all the working equipment

of a student. ·Finished in a maple color, varnished.

Well built .. . sides and top of ;l{-in. thick lumber.

Desk about 22 in. wide, maximum height 23



Convenient pencil groove on top. Husky little chair

matches desk. Seat is 11x10Y, inches,



from floor. Curved back 22.V. inches high.


No-Sag Steel Spring seat. Padded back and seat

covered with long wearing artificial . leather.

Shaped wood arms; full length


posts and 21·

inch rockers . . . are finished walnut color, var–

nished. 13x13 inch scat'11 inches from floor.

79 N 08550-Shippingweight 13 pounds .Set $6.32

Toys, like everything else at Sears may be bought

79 N 08408-Shipping weight 8 pounds.. .


on Sears Easy Terms. See page 231 for lull details

2-in-l, Chest-Seat



Sturdy ply-

wood sides

mortised into wood corner

posts like the best furni–

ture. Artificial leather cov–

ered scat top is soft, pad–

ded, has strongwood frame.

Wheat color finish with·

colorful decals on front.



inches lon_g, includ–

ing handles. 14



wide, 13Y, inches high.

Doll not included. Ship–

ping weight 14 pounds.

79 N 08438 .. ... $8.82

Husky PlywoodStool

Not too high, $I


not too low- •

just right for the toddler

to sit on-and Mother can

use it to reach that high

shelf. Made of }{-in. ply–

wood, bottom securely

braced. Sits solidly on legs

tapered to prevent tip–

ping. 'Red enamel finish.

Colorful decal on 12x7-

inch top, 6


inches high.

Easy to assemble. Ship.

ping weight 3 pounds.

49 N 8454 ..... . ..$1.39