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Child's maple finished Table-Chair Set

• Large size for older boys and girls. Table 21


in. high



• Smooth maple finished hard wood. Two matching chairs

• Chairs made with one-piece back posts for added strength



All children want furniture of their own ... made just for them ... for their

own parties. Thrill your child with this high quality set with its shiny maple


Table top is 24x18 inches...made of smoothly finished



Screws included


attach legs to top-easily assembled. Chairs have curved

ladder backs ... are dowelled for greater strength, Shaped slat seats are

11 Y,xl1


in... . 12Y, in. from floor. Doll and tea set not included.



08464-Table and two chairs. Shpg. wt. 24 lbs ..... 3-pc. set $10.39

79 N

08563- Chairlike shown in set. Shpg. wt.


lbs ..... Chair only $2.69

Table and Chair Set


low priced!

• Medium size for boys and girls-table 20 in. high



• All wood. Smooth gray enamel finish; nicely decorated


• Two chairs have one-piece back posts for extra strength

How happy your boy or girl will be, playing house with this set. Smartly

designed . .. constructed of wood ... to last for years. Smoothly enam-·

eled light gray with bright red trim . .. easy to keep clean. Plywood

table top is 24x18 in., has attractive decal decoration. Screws included

to attach.legs to top-easily assembled. Chairs shipped set up, have



seals ..

11 ~

inches from !Joor. Judy puzzle not included.

Only 103 down to buy this set on Sears Easy Terms.

79 N 08558-Shipping wt. 20 lbs ...Set of table and two chairs $7.39

Large Size Child's Table with Arm Chairs

•Our largest size-table


inches high for bigger boys and girls

• Two-tone enameled wood table with two arm chairs to match

• Same husky corner construction used on the finest kitchen tables

Our pest table and chair set. Your child will use it for a work table, play table or a

tea-time dinette set. 25



in. table top . .. beautifully finished in simulated light

tan color graining, trimmed with ivory color enamel. Well constructed, sturdy.

Screws included to attach legs to top ... easily assembled. T wo steady little arm

chairs are dowelled and glued for greater strength . .. have natural finish,

va.rni~hed .

Seats 11 ;


inches . .. 12}i in from floor. Chairs shipped set-up. O rder today.

Use Sears Easy Payment Plan. Shpg. wt. 22 lbs.

79 N 08460- Table with two chairs. Sewing machine and dress not included. $11 .98

Tot's wood Table and Chair set

•Just right size for \he little tots-table 17 in. high

• Sturdy wood table, two chairs, ivory color enamel

• Smooth plywood table top and chair seats

Let Santa bring your little son or daughter this beautiful table and chair

set. Built of sturdy wood to stand up under lots of hard wear. Smoothly

enameled in attr


active ivory color with cheerful red trim. Easy to keep

clean. Plywood table top measures 20x14 in., stands 17 in. from floor.

Neatly designed ladder-back chairs have 8Y,x8


plywood scats, 9


in. from floor. Table legs fasten to top with screws which are included

, .. very easy to assemble. Chairs shipped as shown-bear not included.

Add this set to your Easy Payment order-a bargain price to give your .

child delightful parties with their dollies or with their little friends.

79 N 08545-Shipping wt. 15 lbs. Set of table and two chairs ..$5.29



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