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Great fun! Trix, the Wonder Dog

He wags his tail and head, lies down;


jumps up, "barks" .. , obeys almost

any command! Just press the disc at bottom

of the wood box; spring tension inside. Made

of separate wood beads, held together with

strong nylon thread. About 4


high. Assorted colors.

49 N 6441 -Shipping weight 10 oz..... 89c

New! Big Buddy L

Junior Excavator

• Sw_ivel




• Swivel action boom

• 2 control levers-one

to raise and lower shovel, the other

to scoop up sand and dump it


really works ... digs and dumps like a

big excavator! Realistic details. Saddlc–

shaped seat and boom turn on a swivel so

that the Ii ttle operator can scoop from any

angle and then dump in a different place.

Made of heavy-gauge steel to stand up

under lots of hard play. Steel runners

have four sturdy


wheels. Bright

baked-on enamel finish. 9


in. wide, 17 in.

high, 28 in. long with boom extended.

79 N 06160-Shipping wt. 5 lbs... $2.69






They actually walk!

Watch these cunning $I


dolls toddle down the

slanted board. They walk


by themselves-no mechanism.

Board and four 4}1'-in. dolls made

of wood and fiberboard. Assorted

styles, colors, and trim.

49 N 6445-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. $1.00

With the handy whiffle-tree you can


the horses to the implements or unhitch

them without unharnessing

Plastic Climbing Monkey

Loads of fun for all the



family! Stretch the string

tight and watch Jocko scramble

up and down, making noises like

a monkey. Molded of smooth plas–

tic, about 3x7 inches tall. Asst'd. ·

colors. An amusing gift!

49 N 5706-Shpg.


10 oz. 47c

All Metal Tumbling Firemen

A big hit at a tiny price! It's


fascinating to watch the nim-

ble firemen race down the ladder.

"Firemen" lithographed on both

sides of metal blocks. Brightly enam–

eled metal ladder on metal stand

about 15 inches high.

49 N 6418-Shpg. wt. 10 oz ..... 41c

Back again!


Rubber Farm Set

• Fine pre-war quality toys, sold by mail only at Sears



•Practically unbreakable ... neatly molded of brightly

colored, washable rubber ...easy-rolling rubber wheels



•Whiffle-tree attachment enables you to use the farm implements

with horse team as well as the tractor

•You get double gang plow, manure spreader, tractor, stake truck,

farm wagon, horse team, 2-pc. harness, whiffie tree, calf and

colt, 2-pc. cab and trailer, 9


in. long; others in proportion

Think how much fun your youngsters will have, playing farmer ... "doing

the chores" with all these realistic implements, modeled after Sears famous

David Bradley implements. They can harness up the two-horse team and

hitch it to the shaft of the farm wagon ... wagon has turn-table shaft

which permits sharp turns. With the whiffle-tree attachment hor;es can

also be hitched to the double gang plow or manure spreader ... or imple–

ments can be pulled by the Graham-Bradley tractor. Big truck, consisting

of cab and trailer, is grand for transporting the lifelike colt and calf.

2 ~~x2)'ix5Y,-inch

long stake truck for hauling big loads.

49 N 6457;-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. A big value at this price! .. 13-pc. set .$1.98