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Pair $9.49


Matching Boudoir Lamps

A woman's boudoir, her bedroom or powder room ... are

places where elegant, feminine furnishings are desirable ...

where good light for making-up is a primary necessity. These

boudoir lamps are charming, and they provide very good

light. (Remember: lighting is as important as your mirror

when you're applying make-up; shadows and half-lights often

result in poor make-up jobs.)

These lamps are sparkling clear glass, with slender reeded

stems and simple round bases. About 18


in. high. The 8-inch

shades are pleated type acetate; peach color, with ivory-color

overskirts. (Clean by wiping with damp cloth.) Lamps operate

on any household current; take standard-type bulbs (not incl.).


Single-bulb Boudoir Lamps. Get a pair ... so her dressing-

table mirror will be evenly lighted! Shpg. wt. each 3 lbs.

35 N 07538M- Each ....... $4.98

Pair ..... $9.49


Twin Boudoir Lamp. Light for two people! Practical for use

on night stand ... makes a good light


reading in bed.

35 N 7539M- Shipping weight 4 pounds. . .. Each$10.87


Hurricane Lamps

In the 1700's, hurricane lamps were popular ... and these au–

thentic reproductions are favorites of 20th century Americans.

They're quaint and colorfully decorative ... perfect for use on

buffet or mantelpiece. These have cranberry-red glass chim–

neys; pendants which give a prismatic sparkle; and each pair

comes complete with white candles. "Collars" prevent melted

wax from dripping; chimneys keep drafts and breezes from

blowing candles out. Hurricane lamps give the romantic glow

of candle-light ... without the bother caused by the usual

candle-holders. Nice for any woman on your list!


Inexpensive Hurricane Lamps. Pineapple-design, clear glass

base. 6 pendants. About 12


inches high.

35 N 9674 --Shipping wei.ght 5 pounds 8 ounces. Pair $3.98


Moderately-priced Hurricane Lamps. Milk-glass base and

"collar," brass.finished stems, 5 pendants. Abt. 12 in. high.

35 N 9797R-Shipping weight 5 pounds . .. . . . Pair $6.98


Best Hurricane Lamps. Clear glass base in distinctive dol–

phin design. Graceful cranberry-red glass chimney with

frosty etched design. 8 pendant prisms. About 16


inches high.

35 N 9673- Shipping weight 6 pounds .

Pair $7.49


Desk Lamp $10.95

Harmony House Table Lamp with a n1odern outlook

.•. Its shade is cone-shaped, its base cylindrical

Good to see, good to see by ... this tastefully designed lamp with the look of luxurious crafts–

manship. It's a fine light-provider, not merely a lighted ornament. The eggshell-color fabric–

·over-paper-parchment shade is 17 inches in diameter ... gives a wide spread of warm friendly

light. China base has a raised floral decoration on one side: new "Glamot-Glaze" is exceptional–

ly smooth and shiny ... looks almost luminous.

State color:

rose, maize (yellow) or medium

blue. For any household current up to 120 volts; takes standard-type bulb (not included).

35 N


about 24 inches tall. Shipping weight 5 pounds. .

. .... Each


Harmony House Fluorescent Lamps give cool, glareless light

Two smart lamps, newly designed according to latest lighting developments (Remember: a

fluorescent bulb produces about 2



more light than an incandescent bulb of the same

wattage.) For 100-120 vo!t.60-cycle A.C. only. Each in a variety of Harmony House colors.


Bed-lite. Removable hangers make this a many-

purpose lamp. With hangers, it's a bed light; de–



and it's ready for use over sink, lavatory,

work bench, vanity-table rniPror ... or for lightin.g a

favorite picture! Crackle-finished metal; white–

enameled reflecting surface. 15 in. long; 14-in.

fluorescent bulb incl.

Be sure to stale color:


ivory, Valley (med.) rose, Jubilee (It.) peach, Parch–

ment (dk.) brown or Colonial (It.) blue.

35 N 7 531 - Shipping


5 lbs. .

. . Each $6.4 9


Desk lamp. Only Sears offers this

. lamp. It's made to our own specifi–

cations ... clean-cut, functional. All–

metal with handsome crackle finish.

About 12 in. high; 19-inch shade, en–

ameled reflecting surface. 15-watt, 18-

inch fluorescent bulb incl.

State color:

Cameo (dk.) coral, Parchment (dk.)

brown or Colonial (med.) blue.

35 N 0777.1-Shpg.wt.131bs.$10.95

206 ..




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