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"Mommie makes my bathtime

the beginning of story time"

Famous characters right out of

the story book .


printed on washfast

4-piece Nursery Towel Sets

Familiar characters from the nursery book to de-



light the heart of any youngster ... and make his

bathtime more fun. Lovable Old King Cole, 4 _ 5


poor Humpty Dumpty, lovely Goldilocks, lively



Wee Willie Winkie. Fluffy, soft cotton loops have just the

right "rub-down" texture for children . _. absorb water in

just a jiffy. Well made for lots of hard wear ... strong sel–

vages. Hand screened print in rose and blue on sturdy

white cotton terry. Pre-washed for soft, smooth finish.



two 16x25-in. towels; two 11Yzxl17'2-iu. washcloths.

96 N3530--Shipping weight 14 ounces ...... 4-piece Set $1.89

"It's fun for me to keep clean

Cellophane Wrapped

with these cute Christmas Gifts"

Washfast animals printed for a parade

4-piece "Carnival" Towel Sets

Fascinating animals for the child's corner of the bathroom - .. colorful parade



of the trick performing lion and elephant, and the tiger and monkey in their

cages. Sturdy white cotton ter,ry has hand screened prints in bright washfast 4


red and green. Soft, fluffy, absorbent ... strongly made for long wear. Sturdy

-pc. et

selvages. Pre-washed for nice, smooth finish. Just the right size for children to handle .••

fun for them to use.

4-piece set:

two 16x25-in. towels; two 11 7'2xl 17'2-in. washcloths.



3531-Shipping weight 14 ounces...........................••4-piece Set $1.89

How animals in the zoo keep clean!

4 gay, printed Washcloths

. . .

in a special gift hook

A real find for Christmas giving! These 4 funny animals are


exciting as a circus. Scrub down the youngsters with these gay


"circus" washcloths and see how bathtime brightens up. Fluffy 8 k



white cotton terry has just the right brisk texture. Each of the

aa a

washfast-printed animals has a clever verse describing it inside the front

cover of the gift book. So thriftily priced you can buy several sets.

96 N3526-Si<:e

12x12 inches.

Shpg. wt. 12 oz........Book of 4 for $1.09

"Good for lots



and good through all the year"

Amusing washfast prints

2-piece Adult Towel Sets

Imagine the gales of laughter when your family



or friends open this Christmas gift from you!

Good for chuckles all year long, too. Printed



5 1

in blue and rose on heavy white cotton terry

pc. e ·

pre-washed for a smooth finish. Closely woven with fluffy

loops ... extra soft and deep in texture. Firm underweave,


2-piece set:

one 20x37-in. novelty design towel

for men; one 20x37-in. novelty design towel for women.

96N3540-Shipping weight


lb. 4 oz..... 2-piece Set $1.92