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Over 147 pieces Howitzer and Machine Gun actually shoot!

• If

pieces were bought separately, this big_play army would cost over S10.



•The "General" (in charge of the living room floor) can have many action-


packed hours planning sham battles and training his specialist-soldiers.



Vinyl plastic soldiers in various poses: on parade, marching with rifles and flags.

Also combat soldiers firing bazookas, charging with rifles and bayonets firing rifles throw–

ing hand grenades, bearing stretchers, etc. Accurately detailed for reaiistic effect. '2 stret–

chers also.included.

Big Headquarters Building measures 11 x 7 x 6 inches high. Constructed of durable metal.

Realistically lithographed. All edges turned for strength, safety. Very easy to set up.

Plastic Furniture for Headquarters includes: desk, swivel chair, army switchboard, rifle rack,

crate, waste basket, map table, file cabinet, bench and side chairs.

Army Field Equipment includes: New 5-inch howitzer and 3M-inch machine gun which ac–

tually eject the small dummy bullets. Other equipment: rifle on tripod, tents, stacked

rifles, bazooka gun, flag, trees, rocks, half track, scout car, 16 sections of fence.

79 N 05920-Shipping weight 6 pounds ..... . ... . .......... Complete 147-piece set $5.89

22-piece set of extra soldiers (not illustrated) in a variety of positions.

49 N 5976-Set of22 soldiers. Add set .to 79


05920 above. Shipping weight 10 ounces . . . .. 87c

Extra 3-diniensional Figures

Every youngster loves to add to his favorite cowboy, Indian or circus set.



soft vinyl plastic accurately detailed. Variety of poses. Sizes up to 2% inches



high depending upon position. Shipping weight each set 10 ounces.

12-pc. Indian Set. Chief,

13-pc. Cowboy Set. Out-

17-pc. Circus Performers. Clowns,

braves, squaws, etc.

laws, sheriff, cowboy, etc.

trapeze artists, jugglers, etc.

49 N 5977..... . ... . . 87c

49 N 5978 . ............ 87c

49 N 5979 . ..... . ... . .. . . .. . 87c

232 .





New! The stage is set for year-round enjoy·

ment. Three-dimensional model sets in sturdy

metal and durable plastic .. straight from the

wonderlands of excitement and adventure.

Never before, in all our toy history, has such

accurate scaling and lifelike detail been

offered at such low prices.

Mineral City •. Roy Rogers, Dale Evans


o An exact replica of an Old West town, complete with




buildings, accessories, horses, cowboys, Roy, Dale, etc.

•Colorful lithographed metal building unit 27M x



9 in.

Shows hotel, barber shop, express office, waiting room, bar-room, etc.

Turn it around and inside is just as realistically detailed with:


pieces molded plastic furniture ... bedroom furniture for the hotel,

teller's cage and slanted top table for bank, swinging doors, bar table,

barber shop bench, barber chair, etc. All furniture well detailed.

• 19

outside pieces ... durable plastic. Hitching rails, lamp post, feed

sack, barrel, bench, watering trough, crate with rifles, lantern, etc.

• 21 plastic figures including Roy, Dale and dog Bullet .. typical poses

.. running, shooting, riding, fighting, etc. (Standing man 2% in. tall.)

• 5

horses, 2 calves, buckboard, saddles, bridles, fence, trees, cactus, etc.

79 N 05923-0ver 80 pieces. Sets up easily without tools. Wt. 5 lbs..... $5.89

Roy Rogers Double R Bar Ranch Rodeo


Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and


cowboy rodeo figures,




molded in lifelike vinyl plastic. Standing figures 2M in.

high, others in proportion. Shows cowboys with lassoes


whips, with bucking hor"'!s and steer. Eight rodeo animals include rear–

ing horse, bracing cow pony, etc. (Even a small calf for branding.)

Three-stall rodeo chute with swinging gates. 9M in. long; 4% in. wide;


in. high. Molded in sturdy plastic with authentic detail. Six remov·

able saddles and reins for horses, molded in soft flexible vinyl so that

young cowhands can put them on or take them off. Plastic buckboard

wagon with seat has realistic spoke wheels. Equipped with vinyl har–

ness to permit hitching and unhitching horse. Cactus, tree, flag and pole,

etc. 12 sections interlocking fence .. Double R Bar archway.

49 N 5922-Sets up easily without tools. Shpg. wt.


lbs.......... . ... $3.85

Tom Corbett 25th Century Space Academy


Plenty of action! Official model of Tom Corbett's Space




Academy .. rocket ships, flying saucers, radar, shooting

rocket guns plus Tom Corbett Space Cadets in uniform or

in space suits. Also, some of Tom's enemies, men from Mercury, etc.

Space Academy Building: 12 in. long;


in. wide,


in. high. Made

of steel with lithographed futuristic design. Insignia on tower: Plastic

observatory dome with sliding hatch. Academy enclosed by



ing wall sections. Massive gate has swinging doors.

Outside Equipment: Observatory dome (for Academy bldg.), multiple

fuel storage tank, .)'adar unit with antenna, supply warehouse, gravity

chamber, searchlight unit, relay tower, telescope, multiple disc antenna,

futuristic camera, ray gun, space rocket car. Clicker with space code.

Action accessories: Two flying saucers with launching platform. Simply

release lever and saucer rises into space. Three streamlined rocket ships

with 1 rocket catapult platform. Spring mechanism shoots rockets,

which are molded of plastic with soft vinyl tip. Rocket shooting porn

porn gun shoots small pellets against enemy. (10 plastic shells included.)

Space cadets and space people: Sixty figures molded in flexible

plastic. Includes Tom Corbett, space cadets, men from space, frogmen,

and others. 15 have removable transparent helmets. Others have ray

gun; geiger counters, etc. Academy equipment includes instruction chart

on easel, flight file, instruction table, control chair, cadet desks, control

panel unit, benches, ladder with platforfl}, etc. Realistically detailed.

79 N 05930-Scts up easily without tools. Shpg. wt. 5 lbs........... . .


Super Circus with Mary Hartline


@]Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! It's colorful, it's true-to-life.


Complete set with all necessary equipment .. bars,

trapezes, circus people all of plastic.

Large Steel Tent. Colorfully lithographed, 24%-in. long; 10M in.



in. high. Easy to set up without tools. Also, 2 metal midway

signs, with all necessary wires for tight ropes and trapezes. Set of rings,

bars, ladders, pedestals, etc. Other circus accessories include barker's

booth with umbrella, popcorn wagon, performer's platform, pedestals,

barrels, etc. 35 circus people in various positions: bare-back riders, tight

rope walkers, clowns, strong man, sword swallower, fire eater, ring

master, lion tamer, man on stilts, vendors, visitors. Sizes from 1


midgets to 2%-in. tall man. 21 circus animals:


monkeys, elephants,

horses, lions, dogs, seal, etc. 1


wild animals: giraffe, baby giraffe, tiger,

camel, alligator, bear with cub, leopard, buffalo, zebra, etc. It's easy

to put on your own playtime shows with this thrilling set.

79 N 05931-Sets up quickly without tools. Shipping weight 5 lbs..... $5.89