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Cactus carbine 450-shot Repeater

easy-to-cock, fast lever action

Complete Outfit




Scope Means


Accuracy .




Includes Leather Loader Wallet, 48 Targets

2X Scope Makes Target Picture Twice as Large

Outfit with Gun, Canteen, Leather Loader Wallet, 48 Targets


what every young sharpshooter wants for Christmas. Rugged, flashy–

looking 450-shot repeater featuring lever action and lightning loader magazine.

Lustrous plastic forearm has silver color J. C. HIGGINS bull's-eye section en–

graving. Shiny, plated trigger, forearm band, dummy hammer. Bright, burnished

silver colored cocking lever. Combination peep and open sight-adjustable for


and elevation. Handsome plastic stock. Sueded leather boot on butt,

tied with


Red, western type adjustable carrying sling. Plastic canteen

holds full pint. Has shoulder strap and drip-resistant cap. Carry it on hikes.

Don,t be without \\o·ater on long "scouting trips."

48 Targets-include realistic pictures of animals. Leather BB Loader Wallet

with snap fastener can be worn on belt. Includes 1300 BB's. Set comes packed

in carton that. can be made into "cowboy style" saddle scabbard.

A "Scoped" beauty to malie any youngster proud on Christmas morning. 2-

power scope means greater accuracy-makes any boy's shooting more fun. It's

modeled after scopes just like the big hunters use. Scope makes target picture

twice as large. Has adjustable "cross-hairs" to enable him to "zero-in" on the

target. 11-in. long. Attaches easily to rifle. Hardware included.

Rifle is 450-shot repeater with lever action and lightning loader magazine.

Same lustrous-looking gun as described at left. Leather loader wallet has snap

fastener--wear it on belt or carry it in your pocket. 300 BB's included. 48 targets

include realistic pictures of animals. Targets are marked in sections to record

your " kills," ''near-misses,,, etc. You can keep score as you test the accuracy of

your scoped rifle. Outfit comes packed in colorful carton that can be made into

"cowboy style" saddle scabbard. Order now for Christmas.

6 N 02031-Gun, Scope, Wallet, Targets, 300 BB's. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs...................


Keep this book with your Big General Catalog. Order gifts from both. Use

Seors Easy Terms on orders of $20.00 or more. Pay only 10% down, the balance

6 N

02030-Complete Cactus Carbine Outfit. Shipping wt.



. ..... Only


in small monthly payments. See Page 373 for complete details

Cactus Carbine

350-shot Repeater

Air Rifle hos Fast, Easy-to-Cock Lever Action

Outfit Includes Leather Loader Wallet, 300 BB's

A boy and his Cactus Carbine Air Rifle .. a combination that adds

up to a Happy Christmas. This exciting 350-shot repeater has easy–

to-cock lever action plus lightning loader magaz!'ne for really fast

action and thrilling shooting fun. Plastic stock and forearm. Shiny

plated forearm band. Plated trigger. Double notch rear sight is

adjustable for elevation. Steel barrel resists rust. Adjustable red

carrying sling has plated swivels and hardware. 36 in. long.

Leather Loader Wallet-wear on your belt or carry it in your

pocket. Has snap fastener. Includes 2 refill packs (300 BB's). Rifle

and loader wallet come packed in decorated carton that can


made into a carrying scabbard. Can be attached to bikes, wal(ons,

or right to the wall for safe, neat storage. Order one now for your

young "pioneer." 300 BB's included.

6 N

02029-Gun and leather loader Wallet. Shpg. wt. :Jijbs..........


338 ••




Daisy Eagle Air Rifle with Mounted 2-power Scope

Big Lightning Loader Magazine Holds 850 Shots

For Junior Air Riflemen who want greater accuracy and tops in

shooting thrills .. here's one of the finest gun and scope combi–

nations we've ever offered. Daisy Eagle features fast, dependable

lever action. Big lightning loader magazine holds 850 shots. Stock

and forepiece are rich, golden-brown color plastic that resembles

hand-finished wood. Eagle desio;n on stock. Gold color "engraved"

design on receiver and barrel. Adjustable carrying sling is made

of genuine, top-grain leather.

full length. Has plated hard–

ware. Metal parts on rifle have charcoal blue finish.

Scope is modeled after Dad's. Provides the young sportsman

with helter accuracy and more shooting fun. Mounted sc.ope is 4

Jens, 2-power with adjustable "cross-hairs." Scope mount is heavy

<iauge steel. Scope makes target picture twice as large. 2 packs of

BB's included. Order now for your young "sharpshooter."

6 N 02026-Shipping weight 6 pounds......

. ... $12.45

Daisy 2-Power Scope

For Air Rifles

Fits all Daisy and J. C.

.HIGGINS air rifles. Youthful

air rifle enthusiasts want a

scope because it gives them

greater accuracy that means

extra shooting enjoyment.

Scope has internal adjust–

ments for windage and ele–

vation "Cross-hair" reticule

lets the youngster really

"line-up" a perfect sight

picture. Scope makes target

picture twice as large. Add

to his air rifle fun. Order

one now for Christmas.

6 N 2125-Shpg. wt. I lb...