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FORE! Tee up a Suction

Cup Golf Ball,

Shoot for the Green ... with Pars

and Birdies Golf Chipping Range

Designed for off-season

chipping pradice ond

plenty of golfing pleas–

ure ... includes tee-up

mat, 3x2-foot folding

forget with easel


ond four rubber golf




Exciting Golf Dart Game

Exciting Dart Games Are Grand Gifts for Fun-filled Family Competition

An ideal Christmas gift for any

golfer. Pars and Birdies Chipping

Range is excellent for improving

your short game during the winter

months. Can be played almost any–

where-indoors or out. Makes a fun–

filled party game too. Designed by

famous golf pro .Johnny Revolta,

set comes complete with four soft

rubber golf darts; decorated pro–

tective mat; Masonite Presdwood

3x2-ft. folding target with easel for

standing up in living room, or on

the lawn. Club not included. You

can set up the target at any distance

you desire, and start swinging. After

consistent practice, you'll find you

can improve your game--correct

tendency to hook or slice.


New Duo.Dort Gome. 18x18-inch board. One side is

Masonite Presdwood for using suction darts. Baseball

game. Other side is


cork facing for using pointed

darts. 2 large suction cup darts, 3 steel tipped darts.


N 2566-lnstructions included. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.





Rocket Suction Dort Gome. Four 9-inch darts have rubber

suction cups. Throw from any angle and they'll stick.

Feather pointer. 19-inch laminated board, plastic finish.


N 2513-lnstructions included. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.





N 2514-Four extra rocket darts. Shpg. wt. I lb...........•3.2-5


Six Gome lBxlB-inch Dart Boord. Five games one side,

baseball game other side. Cork facing. %-in. thick.


N 2503-lncludes three 5-in. darts. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 9 oz.....



22x22-inch Cord Gome Dort Boord. Front has full cork

facing, 20-point game. 5 balanced darts included.


Wooden Doris. Steel points. Plastic feathers.


N.2565-Shpg. wt. of 3,


oz................Set of 3 for 35c


12 Tournament Darts. Brass bodies, plastic feathers.


N 2534-5-in. long.


extra flights. Shpg. wt. I lb. 4 oz....



New! Poper Wound Tournament Dorl Boord. 18-in. diam.

1-inch thick. Targets on both sides, with dividers. Six

5-inch metal darts with plastic flights. This long-lasting, well

constructed board will offer you many hours of fun.

6N 2504-Wire loop for hanging. Shipping weight






NEW I The Finest Dort Boord We Sell I Basswood endgrain

construction for great durability. Large 19xl9-inch size.

1-inch thick. Front has 20-point game with a small game in

each cor!ler. Completely wired with straight and circular in–

laid metal dividers. 3 colors. Baseball game on back, printed

in attractive color. Three lead weighted darts included.


N 02508-Boord is




thick. Shpg. wt.


lbs.... . . .... .. $3.98


N 2516-Shipping weight 7 lbs. 8 oz......................



N 02523-Shpg. wt. 8 lbs..... , ..



four Ball

Croquet Sets




C. HIGGINS Lowest Priced 4-ball

Croquet Set. Hardwood mallets

have 6-inch heads, grooved handles

with color striping. 3-inch diam. hard–

wood balls. Nine 10-inch steel wire

wickets. Cardboard box. Instructions



N 02695-Shpg. wt. 7 lbs......... $3.29


Fine Quality


C. HIGGINS 4-boll

Croquet Set. Mallets and balls arc

made of heavy clear grain hardwood

... durable, resist splitting, chipping,

warping. Mallets have 6-inch heads,

decorative lathe-turned handles, color

striping. Regulation 3%-inch balls

are color striped. Two-tone blue wood

rack. White plastic coated steel wire

wickets. End stakes. Instructions incl.


N 02617-Shpg. wt. 12 lbs.. . .....



J. C.

HIGGINS Croquet Sets with Top Quality Hardwood Mallets




HIGGINS 6-boll Croquet Set with 6-

inch Mollet Heads. Mallets and balls

made of heavy clear grain hardwood. Re–

sist splitting, chipping, warping. Lacquer

finish. Lathe-turned mallet handles and

end stakes color striped to match regulation

3%-in. balls. Nine 10-in. wire wickets.


N 02694-Cardboard box. Wt. I I lbs.... $5.49


New 4-ball Croquet Set with wheels, 6-inch

Mollet Heads. All steel rack has rubber–

tired wheels for easy moving and storage.Blue

and white enamel finish. Hardwood mallets.

3%-inch regulat.ion balls. Grooved mallet

handles and end stakes, color striped to

match balls. White plastic coated steel wire

wickets. Instructions.


N 026lll-Shlpping weight 12 lbs.......





C. HIGGINS 6-ball Croquet Set with 7.

in. Mallet Heads. One rubber-tipped,

one hardwood hitting surface , . . play

either way. Red and white enameled steel

rack has wheels for easy moving. Solid

color plastic 3%-inch balls. Decorative

lathe-turned mallet h<indles, end stakes.

Color stripes. White plastic coated wickets.


N 02628l-Shipping wt. 16 lbs...........





HIGGINS 6-boll Croquet Set with B-

in. Mollet Heads. Red and white enam–

eled steel rack with wheels. Mallets have


lathe-turned handles, rubber–

tipped screw-on heads. Solid color plastic

3%-in. balls. Mallets, end stakes have color

stripes, lacquer finish. Plastic coated wickets.


N 02629l-lnstructions. Wt. 19 lbs......$12.95

Special 6-ball Set

New! 6-ball Croquet Set

designed, in both price and

quality, to make a perfect

Christmas gift. All steel

rack has rubber-tired

wheels for easy moving and

storage. Finished in two–

tone blue and white en–

amel. Hardwood mallets

have 6-inch heads, attrac–

tive grooved handles with

color striping. 3%-inch

diam. balls. Grooved end

stakes. vVhite plastic coat–

ed wickets.

6 N

02612L--fnstrucfions incl.

Shipping weight 16 lbs.. .. $8.49


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