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HIGGINS Air Pistol Outfit .. Shoots indoors

Set up a shooting gallery right in vour home. Pistol is especially de–

signed for indoor use .. low


yet extremely accurate. Holds

50 .118 cal. shot--smaller than BB's. Pistol is blued steel with 10-in.

barrel. Cocks and looks like a .45. Blade front and open rear sights.

Top-groin cowhide leather holster included .. in coppertone color.

Protects pistol and makes it easy and convenient to carry.

Molded plastic backstop target has exciting targets that spin when you

hit them. Cream color with attractive red trim.

3 official Notional Rifle Association targets and a complete instruction

booklet. Also, 2 packages of shot .. 800 in all. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.

6 N M277-Shipped freight, express, or truck.....

. . .. . .. . . . ... $4.79

6 N 279-Extro .118 col. shot. Tube of about 400. Shpg. wt. 12 oz...

l 8c


A Gift for young frontiersmen.

New! Frontier Canteen and

Powder Horn. Canteen is


in. in

diameter. Holds


pint. Tough

plastic with spill-resistant cap.

Leather pouch has adjustable

strap. Use pouch as "knapsack"

for carrying lunches, etc. Plastic

Powder horn is


in. long. Comes

with 500 BB's. Tight-locking re–

movable top. Carrying cord.

6N2129-Conteen, Hom.

Shipping weight 1 lb. 2 oz.... . .. $3. 19

6N2127-Conteen. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 2.49

6N2l 28-Horn. Shpg. wt. 2 oz.... 98c

Daisy Air Rifles

A hondsome gun rock or utility

rack for hats, clothes, BB or cork

rifle . or Dad's gun, too. The

four polished aluminum pony

shoes are trimmed with decora–

tive cowhide.


shoes make 2

hangers.) Shoes _ attached to

knotty pine panel with real

horseshoe nails. Finished with 3

coats clear lacquer. Panel is

5)1x30 in.



6 N 0771- 4 shoes, nails, panel.

Shpg. wt. 4 lbs........... $2.98

6 N 646-4 shoes, nails. !No

panel.I Shpg. wt. 8 oz•.... $1.49


Daisy 350-shot Lever Action Repeater. Grai11ed plastic stock, check–

ered grip. Sights: open rear and blade front. 35-in. long.

6 N 0241-Shipping weight 3 pounds. Shoots BB's.... . ............ ... . . .



Daisy Red Ryder Carbine. Lever action repeater. Magazine holds

850 BB's. Fibron plastic stock is checkered on grip and fore-end.

Genuine leather boot on stock butt tied with leather thong. Combina–

tion peep and open sights. Overall length is 36 inches.

6N 0275- Shipping weight 3 pounds... ..... . ........ ... . .. . . . ....




Daisy Pump Action Air Rifle. Easy-ta-work pump action and de-

pendable forced feed. Holds 50 BB's. Stock made of Fibron plastic

-with wood-like .!(rain, yet outwears wood. Blued steel receiver is

"engraved" and filled with gold-color metal. Adjustable combination

peep and open sights. Grooved slide handle. Overall length is 36 in.

6N 0276-Shipping weight 4 pounds . ............................ .





Shot. Packed in sturdy paper containers. Shpg. wt. 1 lb.


N 306- 3 packages of 300 each . ................. . ........... . .38c



• • IT





cork balls

NEW! Pioneer Scout Cork Gun Outfit .. Exciting, Safe

The Perfect Gift for young "trail blazers." New! Pioneer Scout Cork Gun Outfit. 35-in.

steel gun bangs and smokes as it accurately shoots harmless cork balls. Has handsome

brown plastic stock. Bright silver color cocking lever. Sueded leather boot with lace on

butt. A glistening rifle that will make any "rough rider" the proudest boy in the block.

Set includes sturdy plastic canteen. Just the thing for thirsty "pioneers" when they

take long hikes or go "Indian scouting." Canteen is 6 in. in diameter. Holds full pint.

Has carrying strap and spill-resistant cap.


resistant. Comes in " pioneer-type"

leather pouch. All-purpose pouch can also be used as a " knapsack" for carrying lunches, etc.

Plastic powder horn in leather pouch. Horn is

7 )4

in. long. Pouch has shoulder cord for

easy carrying. Lock-tight removable cap. Comes with 12 cork balls. Entire kit is packed in

decorative corrugated carton that can


converted into attractive _saddle scabbard.


N 02032-Complete Outflt. Gun, Canteen, Powder Horn, 12 Cork Balls. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.... .

. .



N 307-36 extra Cork Bolls. 3 pkgs. of 12 each. Shipping weight 3 ounces. .


Cactus Kid Rifle with Metal Target •. Shot Horn .. 12 Balls


sure your young "sheriff" is well equipped when he " mounts up" and rides off after

"rustlers" and " badmen." Cactus Kid Target Outfit includes 32-in. steel gun that bangs

and smokes as it shoots harmless cork balls. Lustrous plastic stock is checkered on grip.

Shiny pla.ted trigger. Lithographed metal target is


in. long. Has


black pla5tic target •

birds to test his aiming skill. Plastic shot horn is about


in. long with



engraving on large cap. Has brown cap and yellow colored body. Green cord loops through

eyelets in horn for carrying. Set includes 12 cork balls. Outfit comes in decorative corru–

gated carton that makes up into practical saddle scabbard.

6 N 02027-Cactus Kit Outfit. Gun, Target, Powder Horn, 12 Cork Bolls. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs........... $3.89


N 307-36 extra Cork Bolls. 3 pkgs. of 12 each. Shipping weight 3 ounces. .

. . . . . . . . . . .


Daisy Western Carbine Cork Ball Gun

with 2-power Scope for Extra Fun

Lever action steel 32-in. carbine makes a loud bang, shoots !1-in.

harmless cork balls. Comes with 2-lens, 2-power scope for more

accuracy, greater shooting fun. Scope makes youngster's target

picture twice as large .. doubles shooting excitement. Handsome steel gun has shiny

cocking lever. Lustrous plastic stock has checkering on grip. Bright plated triager. 12 harm-

less cork balls are included with the outfit.




N 02033-Daisy Carbine with 2-power Scope, 12 Cork Balls. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs........ . . .. . . .. . .$5.49

6N 307-36


Cork Bolls. 3 packages of 12 each. Shipping weight 3 ounces.. . ..... . ....


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