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Vibratory and Massage Health Equipment

New, modern exercise

for all the family!

Helps you keep fit

right in your own home

complete unit




NEW! Lazy Gym .. health "work-outs" with passive exercise

Complete exercise unit designed to provide wonderfully stimulating vibration for

every member of your family. Helps stimulate circulation and relieve muscular

pains. Easily stored when not in use. Complete directions in enclosed brochure.

Consists of control unit (4)ix5x8 in.) with its own electric outlet, rheostat.and

timer . . controls degree of vibrator intensity for exact amount of time you desire.

Includes stretch bar, exercising platform (72


in. long) and sand bag. Alumi–

num body with gray rubber surfaces. Baked-enamel finish in turquoise color.

8 N MTl 177-Shpg. wt. 48 lbs. Shipped freight, express or truck.

$11 monthly .

. . ..

Cash $149.00

Cushion Vibrator Pillow


Gentle electric massage helps you re–

lax, provides stimulating massage to

all parts of the body. Scientifically de–

signed shape tucks comfortably into

hard-to-reach spots. Remove vibrat–

ing unit . . it's a handsome bolster pil–

low. Corduroy, zip cover .. washable.

On-off switch. 13 inches long, 6-inches

diameter. Smart accent colors.


cocoa brown, turquoise or gold color.

8 N 1184-Shipping weight 3 lbs.... . .$8.97

Easy-Grip Vibrating Roller


Easy-grip handles make this vibrating

roller unit particularly suitable for

_massaging thighs, legs, arms and

shoulders . Soothing vibrations

stimulate circulation, too . . help re–

lieve simple aches and pains. J ust plug

in and massage the problem area. Re–

movable washable plastic foam cush–

ion. 10 watts. On-off switch. !SU

inches long, 4)1-inch diameter.

8 N 1194-Color blue. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.$11.97

Luxurious rela xation

for the driver!

Cushion at his bock ..



his side


for both

NEW! Car Armrest and Electric Vibra-Cushion

Hinged armrest has ample space for storage of cigarettes, gloves, maps.

Durable plywood with beige plastic upholstery. Size 14x9x7 in.

Portable vibra-cushion helps ease cramped muscles on long drives. 4-ft.

cord plugs into any car lighter outlet. Comfortable foam rubber, cordu–

roy covered. Size 11x8x2 in.

Stat,; color choice

blue or gold.

8 N 1179-Armrest-Vibra-Cushion. State 6 or 12-volt size. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs .. ..$13.97

8 N 1181-Armrest only. With cushion similar to a bove, but without vibration. Use in

front or bock seat.

State color above.




lbs.. . . ......... . ..........$9.97

Vibrator Healing Pillow


Versatile for use 3 ways: as· a gentle

vibrator, as a soothing heating pad or

combination vibrator-heating pad!

Helps relieve tense or aching

muscles, promote relaxation. Colorful

corduroy, handy washable zip cover.

Filling of foam plastic . . full inch

thick. On-off switch. Uses 20 watts for

heating-unit, 6 for vibrator.

State color

red or gold. Size 10Uxl07fx3 inches.

8 N 1187-Shipping weight 3 pounds $8.97

Vitalizer Cushion





without heat

Contour design curves to body.Provides

soothing massage to help ease fatigue.

On-off switch .. $haded pole motor.

Comfortable foam rubber filling. Uses

30 watts. Leaves hands free for read–

ing, etc. Naugahyde plastic. Approxi–

mately 15xllx6 inches.

8 N 1198- lvory color. Shpg. wt. 12 lbs.$34.88

8 N 1199-As above, except sealed-in heat.–

ing e lement;


watts. Variable speed control.

Color pastel blue. Shpg. wt. 13 lbs ....



NOTE: All equipment on this page operates on 110-120-volt, 50-60-cycle AC current only except 8 N 1119