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C* Higgins 2-wheelers for


Happiest Holiday

B, C, 'and Dore converti–

bles. Hove detachable

top bars .. convert from

boys' to girls' models.




$3.00 down

16-inch "Big Bike" Construction


Our Best!

For ages 4,°5, 6.

Seat to pedal length

adjusts from 19 to 23 in. Has regular coaster

brake. Welded, reinforced tubular steel frame (not

convertible). Boys' is red and royal blue. Girls' is

royal blue and light blue. Both have white trim.

Rich chrome-plated handlebars. fork crown, hubs

and truss rods. Water-repellent vinyl covered coil



Ball bearings in crank. wheels.

16xl.75-in. semi-pneumatic rubber tires. D etach–

able training wheels. Freight, express or truck.

Shpg. wt. 35 lbs.

6 N M6598- Boys'.$28.45

6 N M6599-Girls'.$28.45

16-in. Standard Convertible


For ages 4, 5, 6.

Seat to pedal adjusts from

19 to 23 in. Chrome-plated handlebars and

fork ·crown. Direct chain drive, riveted wheels.

Streamlined chain guard. Bright enamel colors.

Red frame with white trim on fenders and bar.

White enameled rims and hubs. Nylon bearings.

Plastic covered coil spring saddle. Treacled rubber

pedals. Tubular steel frame. 16xl.75-in. semi–

pneumatic tires. Detachahle training wheels in–

cluded to help tots balance while learning to ride.

Shipped freight, express or truck.

6 N M6571 - For boys o r girls. Shpg. wt. 34 lbs... $18.45

Direct Chain Drive



16-inch Equipped Convertible Bike


For ages

4, 5, 6.

Seat to pedal adjusts from 19

to 23 in. Big luggage carrier will carry real

loads. Chrome-plated handlebars. fork crown,

truss rods. Bali-bearing wheels, coil spring saddle.

Red enamel finish. white trim. Plastic handlebar

grips. 16xl.75-in. semi-pneumatic rubber tires.

T raining wheels. Freight, express or truck.

6 N M6566- Direct Choin Drive Model. No cooster

broke. For boys or girls. Shipping weight



$2 1.45

6 N M6555-Coaster Brake Model.

Some os

on full


bikes . . better then friction-bar-to wheel type brokes.

For boys or girls. Shipping weight 38 pounds . . . .


16-inch Convertible Bike


For ages

4, 5, 6.

Exclusive design of coaster

brake provides additional safety, at low cost,

ior the small 'bike rider .. presst1re is applied di–

rectly onto tire for positive braking action (see

small view at right). 'Seat to pedal length adjusts

19 to 23 in. Tubular steel frame. 16xl.75-in. semi–

pneumatic tires. Ball bearings in crank, wheels.

White vinyl cover coil spring saddle. Flamboyant

red enamel finish, white trim. Red, white vinyl

pedals. Red plastic grips. Chain guard. Detachable

training wheels incl. Freight, express or truck.

6 N M6545-Shipping weight 38 ·pounds .. . ....$19.95

Exclusive design •

coaster brake.

See D at left.


Speedometers, Chrome-plated Generator Set

[] J.

C. HIGGINS Speedometer. Works just like an automobile

speedometer. Color-keyed face lets you know instantly, by color,

how fast you're traveling. Indicates speeds up to 40 mph. Mileage

gauge registers up to 10,000 miles. Enameled metal case is rust re–

sistant. Cable and fittings included. Fits 24 and 26-inch balloon,

mid-weight bicycles.

6 N 5314- Shipping weight 2 pounds 6 ounces . .. .......... .. . . . .. . $4.94


Bike Air Speedometer. Operates by wind pressure .. same prin-

ciple as used in aviation to determine speed. Registers speeds up

to 50 mph. Break-resistant red plastic case is 4%-inches in diameter.

Mount a speedometer on each side of handlebars .. gives the appear–

ance of 2 red police spotlights. Comes with mounting brackets.

6 N 5352-Shipping weight. 10 ounces . .. . ........ . . .. . . . . ........ $1.37

[]] Generator Set. Produces constant lighting power at all speeds . .

extra night-time safety. Chrome-plated headlight, tail light,

generator unit stay new looking, won't rust. 2-bulb


visored headlight has selector switch for dim or hright lights. Fits

all type 24, 26-in. bikes. Bulbs, fittings included. Made in England.

6 N 5248- Shipping weight 2 pounds 12 ounces . .-. .- .. ..... '· . . ..... $6.67

Many extra features!


fun for the entire family






.• 2-HP engine gives ui;i to 150 miles per gal–

lon, up to 15 MPH in low, 31 in. high!

Special features!

Broad foot shield, fender

skirts. Built-in steel saddle bags; key locks.

Chrome-plated luggage rack; spring·clamps.

Fuel tank has chromed trim.

Austrian-built. 2-cycle engine; 49-cc.,

1.5-in. bore, 1.7-in. stroke. Handlebar con–

trols. Quiet muffler. 2-wheel brakes; hand–

grip for front, foot pedal for rear. Fuel tank



gals.; mix


pint oil with fgal. gas.

May be pedaled in emergency. Adjustable

rubber saddle; lowest height from ground, '

32 in.; from lowest pedal to top of seat, 25 to

29 in. Built-in magneto-powered tail, stop-

• 2 rear shocks; telescopic front fork

light. Fork Jock, key. Electric horn. 6-volt

headlight; built-in speedometer. 2.25x23

balloon tires, tubes. Wheelbase 46 in.;over–

all, 72 in. Incl. tool kit, tire pump, parts

list. Sears stocks parts. Color: rich ma–

roon enamel, chrome-plated trim. ActuaJ

weight 105 pounds.

Clteck minimum driver



your state. Sears sends sale record


secure vehicle license and #Ile in



$16.00 monthly.

28 N M9425--Shpg. wt. 160 lbs. Cosh $·189