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Help promote the "Manly Art"



Higgins Boxing Gloves are designed for extra safety

4-ounce weight


Recommended for

boys ages


to 7.


like the finest sheep–


Made of rich

wine color plastic. Dur–

able stitching at seams.


padding. Teacll

your youngsters the

art of self-defense, de–

velop coordination and

timing. Shipping

weight 2 pounds. Set

of 2 pairs.

6 N 1414........$3.67

6-ounce weight



for boys ages 8 to

10. Made of sturdy

wine color vinyl plas–

tic . . looks and

wears like leather.

100% goat hair pad–


down cuffs hold the

padding in place.

Long lasting cotton

twill lining and cot–

ton laces. Wt. 2 lbs.

Set of 2 pairs.

6 N 1420......


Our Best • • 8, 10, 12-ounce


Recommended for boys ages

10 to 14. Full grain wine color

sheepskin. 100% goat hair pad–

ding. Padded finger, curved

thumb. Fully cut with generously

padded cuffs. Cotton lining, strong

stitched seams. I nstructions.

6 N 1425- 8-ounce Gloves. Shpg. wt.

3 lbs. 4 oz. Set of 2 pairs. .. .. .. $7.84

6 N 1426- 10-ounce Gloves for ages



Shipping weight 3 lbs. 12


Set of 2 poirs.... . ... ..... . .. •$8.94

6 N 1427- 12-ounce Pro-size Gloves.

Official in every way. Shpg.


4 lbs.

Set of 2 poirs.......... . . . ....$10.94

Junior Champ 16-lb. Bar-bell-Dumbbell Set

Learn healthful champ routines, safe stunts

and exercises with dumbbells, bar-bells.

Designed to develop proper physical fitness

in juniors ages 6 to 11. 34-inch steel bar, two

10-inch dumbbell bars. Plastic grips. Adjusts



to 16 lbs. Wrenches are included. Easy–

to-follow 94 page course book tells how to

use bar-bell-dumbbell equipment properly to

achieve safe, healthful results.

6 N 0 1553-Shipping weight 20 lbs...... . •• $11.47

fun-filled Tumba-leen

Do aerial flips, tumbling for fun

and e.'<ercise. Tubular aluminum

frame folds. Cloth covered adjust–

able rubber bounce cords. 24.55--0z.

army duck mat. Strongly sewed,

mildew resistant. 102x63x30-in. Not

for persons over 150 lbs. Freight

(rail or truck) or express. Wt. 46 lbs.

6 N M1 590- lnstructions....... $87.50


Boy's Striking Bog and Pla t -

form. 19-in. steel ring welded

to steelback frame. Hook-type

swivel Peb Tex pebble grain

striking bag. Inflating needle.

6 N 01419-Shpg.


10 lbs.. .. $6.94


full-size Striking Bag and

Platform. Hardwood frame,

22-in. diam., 1-pc. circular steel

rim. Ball and socket swivel. Wine–

colored vinyl bag. Cotton twill

lining, rubber bladder, needle.

6N01418l-Set. Wt. 13 lbs . . . .. $9.91

6N01408L-Plotform only. Wt. 11 lbs.


6N141 6-Bog only. Shipping weight

1 pound 10 ounces. . ... . . . ... .. $4.47

Lawn Volley Ball Outfit

Ideal game for the entire crowd,

regardless of age. Will provide hours

of fun at parties, picnics or outings.

Set up and take down easily, quickly.

All-rubber ball is official size, weight.

Rugged long-lasting net is 20x2-ft.

size. Outfit comes with galvanized

metal poles, 4 metal stakes, guy

ropes. Instructions, inflating needle



sturdy carton for easy


6 N 01804- Shipping wt. 6 lbs. ...



J. C. Higgins Best Striking

Bag. Constructed of hand–

some top grain cowhide, designed

for extra-long wear. Rich-looking

tan color. Full size, weight and

shape. Strong double cotton twill

lining. Tough leather laces, welt

seams. Durable rubber bladder.

Inflating needle included.

6 N 1450- Wt. 1 lb. 10 oz.. .. . . $6.7



Striking Bag Mitts. Tan cow-

hide. Padded back for greater

hand protection. Raised leather

finger grips. Elastic wrist straps.

6 N 1417- Shpg. wt. 4 oz... Pair $2.77