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Our Luxury Assortme nt . •


14 sheets of exquisitely designed, finest quality

paper that make your gifts almost too pretty to

open. Two sheets of each design, 6 trimmed with

sparkling glitter. Sheets are about 20x30 inches and

shipped to you carefully rolled .. no folds or bother–

some creases. Also included are: seven 12-ft. units of

rich looking, %'-in. rayon "Satintone" ribbon and 12

stunning pretied "jewel" bows . all in colors to

harmonize with papers. 21 gift tags (9 with spar–

kling foil) in smart designs identical to papers.

3 N 05583-Shipping weigh! 3 lbs. .. . ..... . . ..


For the utmost in


wrap, be sure to see

our finest assortment


back cover

TOWER Gift Wrap

Fine Quality Assortment ..


10 rolls in latest holiday patterns. Cut just

what you need .. no more hard-to-use left·

overs. 4 rolls 26x54-in. glimmering foil, 5 rolls

26x60-in. printed paper. 1 roll white, sequin–

studded "Sparkle" tissue paper, 26x120 inches.

204 feet of shimmering ribbon- 48 feet of

3/ 'f6-

inch rayon curling. 84 feet of tinsel-striped

rayon "Satin-Clo" (assorted ''/is,


and •§-in.

width;;). and 72 feet of solid-color "Satin -Clo"




and J1·in. widths).



monizing cards, tags and seals, wrapping

inst ructions.

3 N 05582-Shipping weigh! 3 lbs. ...... .. .. $3.9 7

202-piece Assortme nt ..


Everything you need to do a professional-like wrap–

ping: job. 40 sheets of 20x30-in. wrapping paper-

12 sheets white tissue, 4 red tissue: 24 heavy fine–

quality printed sheets dressed up with chubby

Santas, gleaming ornaments, Christmas trees,

happy little snowmen, candy canes, etc. All in

bright holiday colors. To put finishing touches on

your gifts, you get 200 ft. of ribbon- rayon curling,

rayon satin, t insel-stripes, etc.-





wide. Also included are 152 harmonizing cards, tags

and seals. \\'ith wrapping instructions.

3 N 5566- Shipping weigh! 2 pounds 4 ounces . . ....


137-piece Assortment . .


Perfect , inexpensive assortment to use on gifts to

youngsters; they'll love its sea of color and design.

30 sheets of 20x30-in. wrapping paper- 12 sheets of

white tissue and 18 good-quality, heavyweight

printed sheets in sprightly holiday designs, such as

festival of bells, Santa Claus lounging in his easy

chair, bright candles and holly sprays. Includes 150

ft. of ribbon,




in. wide-rayon curling,

rayon satin, novelties. With 100 harmonizing cards,

tags, seals, wrapping instructions. Order now and

do your Christmas wrapping early.

3 N 5554 - Shipping weigh! 1 lb. 10 oz... . . . . . . .. ..


l .89