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They roll .. climb .. even fly like real

Lighted Taxying Passenger Plane

New Porn Porn Anti-Aircraft Halftrack

Shell-ejecting Bulldog Tank

First motor "revs up"


second motor "revs up"


then third and fourth. Motors speed up, plane runs

along for play " take off." Motors slow down for

"landing," stop one at a time. Wing lights flash.

Steel. Wingspan 19 in. Order 2 "D" batteries below.

.49 N 5703-From Japan. Shipping


2 lbs. 8

OL ..


Guns swivel to right or left, recoil and light up

realistically as they are fired. Truck moves forward

or backward. Marine blue finished metal body. Heavy

duty rubber wheels and treads.


in. high.

Uses 4 " D" batteries (not incl... order below).


forward, backward, climbs obstacles. Fires

projectiles, ejects shells by remote control. 22


in. long. Plastic. Uses 4 "D" batteries .. order below.

.49 N 586l>-Shipping weight 2 pounds...• . ....... $9.69

.49 N 5711-Smaller Tank. 13\la in. long. Uses 2 "D" bat-

.49 N 5715-From Japan. Shpg.


3 lbs............


teries .. order below. Shpg. wt. l lb. 12 oz......... $4.79

Electra Mustang really flies!


Here's more flying fun. Idles, taxis, takes off, flies and lands. Flies around central

pylon in 7-foot circle .. four forward speeds, regulated by operator from outside

flying circle. Flies on power of its own propeller. Colorful high impact plastic.

13-inch wingspread. Uses 4 batteries (order below).

.49 N 5777-Shipping weight 2 pounds...

. ...... . ....... • . • .•... .. . . . .$5.49




Remote Control Copter

Pilot your own whirly-bird! Tum the hand

crank, see it twirl off into space . . control its

direction and elevation


the 35-inch long

metal cable .. make it hover, too. Two roto

blades made of flexible plastic. Plastic body 9

inches long


pilot in seat. Takes off, lands

on rubber wheels. Like helicopters the police

use in rescue work.

49 N 5762-Shipping weight 12 ounces . .... $2.39


Jet Passenger Plane. Motors light up, make screeching jet noise .. plane

runs forward. Brightly colored steel construction. 18 inches long ..

wingspan 18 inches. Uses 2 batteries (order below). Imported from Japan.

.49 N .4241-Shipping weight 2 pounds 4 ounces...... . . ..... ........... . . . . $3.79


Donald Duck Fire Engine. Donald

climbs up and down 25


ladder, Pluto drives, Mickey Mouse

hangs on at the rear. Metal. Friction



in. high.Uses 2 "D"

batteries .. order below. FromJapan.

49 N 5880-Wt. 2 lbs. 6 oz.......$4.49


Mystery-action Bulldozer.Noth-


stops it . . automatically

turns in different direction when it

runs into an obstacle .. engine lights

up. Brightly colored steel. 9x5x3


inches high. Uses 2 "D" batteries . .

order below. Imported from Japan.


N 5740-Shpg.


I lb. IO oz...$3.69


New! Smaking Locamotive. Scale

model of old time locomotive.

"Choo-choos" realistically, emits

puffs of smoke. Rugged metal con–

struction. 10 in. long. Uses 2 "D"

batteries . . order below. Japanese.


N 5872-Wt. I lb. 4 oz.: .. . . .


(]] New! Jungle Car. Changes direc-

tion when it hits an obstacle.

Hunter fires at bird circling above.

Gun makes " ack ack" noise, radio–

telephone receiver flashes. Litho–

graphed metal.8 in. long.Uses 2 "D"

batteries .. order below. Japanese.


N 5831-Wt. 1lb.8 oz......


34 N 4650-"D" Batteries. Shipping weight pair 8 ounces 2 for 33c ... . ...