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this for


Trains on both pages feature Power Pull,


breoker transformers, die-cost wheels, 5-tie lorge–

rodius track with wide curves for foster speeds.

8-Unit Electric Diesel Switcher Freight

[) D iesel locomotive has Power Pull for extra traction .. also headlight, oil-

less bronze bearings. Scale detailed hopper car, rocket car that really fires,

refrigerator car, ALLSTATE tank car, wrecker car, gondola and ALLSTATE ca–

boose .. all plastic and steel. Run train forward or back, fast or slow, couple or

uncouple cars, all by remote control.


sections of straight,


sections of curved

large-radius 5-tie track, plus unconpler unit, make 1S2-in. oval. SO-watt circuit–

breaker transformer UL approved 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Order now and

give your little Engineer a real Christmas surprise.

79 N


inches long overall. Shipping weight 12 pounds.... . . .. ...... .. $19.79

Big 9-unit Allstate® Electric Freight Train

A real railroading beauty . . scale detailed .. over


feet long from engine to

caboose. Die-cast steam-type metal locomotive puffs harmless smoke for greater

realism. Locomotive has four-wheel drive, pony trucks and two guide wheels. All

wheels die-cast. Also features Power Pull to pull heavy loads or extra cars.

Plastic and steel coal tender and 7 cars, including tank car, automobile car with

4 autos, piggy-back car, crane car, Boston


Maine box car, fiat car with girder, and

wrecker caboose. You can run train forward or back, fast or slow, couple or uncouple

cars, all by remote control.

Three straight and eight curved sections of big radius, 5-tie track, plus an un–

coupler section make a big 152-inch oval. 100-watt transformer with circuit breaker,

4 binding posts (2 for accessories). UL approved for 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC.

Track connector and bottle of smoke liquid included.

79 N 09634-Train 81 inches long overall. Shipping weight 16 pounds.

$3 down . .....

Cash $25.97

5-unit Smoking Freight Train with Trestles


Railroading at its exciting bes't .. brawny freight runs up, down, around

grades and curves, thunders over 24-piece trestle span. Smoke-puffing

locomotive has realistic piston rod action, bright headlight and oilless bronze

bearings. Also features Power Pull for greater traction.

Detail-scaled ALLSTATE tender, Santa Fe box car, low-side gondola and a

caboose .. eight die-cast wheels on each car. Run train forward or reverse, fast or

slow, couple or uncouple cars .. all by remote control. 13 sections of straight and

12 sections of curved large-radius S-tie track make a giant 26-foot 9-inch track

layout. 24-piece plastic trestle set, one uncoupler ramp with "Uncouple Here"

6-unit Twin Diesel. (Not shown.) 2 remote control switches with signal lights.

sign, a track connector and a bottle of smoke refill included. SO-watt transformer

17 sections of track .. 2 ovals .. over 20 feet. Stock car, tractor car, fiat car,

with circuit breaker. Underwriter's Laboratories approved for 110-120-volt,

caboose. 7S-watt transformer. UL approved for 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC.

60-cycle AC. Order now . . avoid the Christmas rush!

79 N 09633- 60-inch Western Pacific TWIN Diesel Freight. Shpg.


19 lbs. . .


79 N 09629- 40 inches long overall. Shipping weight 16 pounds. . .. . ..... . .........$17.69




USE EASY T E RMS .. only


down on orders of


or more .. See page