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New Rocker-Buggy seats 2 ..

lets child take guest for ride


Youngsters from ages 1 to 4 can ride on pony and in

''buggy". Colorful palomino pony of durable fully-molded

polyethylene plastic is break-resistant. Wood seat, back

and footrest. Sturdy frame of steel tubing is red enameled.

Plastic floor tips help prevent marring fumi ture, floors.

Safety bar on seat with enameled wood beads. Plastic

reins. Unassembled. 12 inches wide, 43 inches long over-all.

79 N 7520L-Shipping weight 13 pounds ..... . . $9.44

Get twice the fun

. .

"Scamper" converts from Rocker

to Shoofly by adding springs

This adorable, fully-molded plastic duck will bring hours of

fun to your youngster. Scamper amuses

him, also


exercise. Actually 2 toys in


Use as regular rocker .. add

bounce to the rocker by simply attaching 4 coil springs and

base, included. Built to

. Charming pastel colors of blue

and yellow with pink trim. Smooth plastic surface is easy to

keep clean. Plastic safety belt holds child in seat securely and

comfortably. Pink-enameled hardwood. base. Hand grips on

head. 33x17x19 inches high. Unassembled.

79 N 7518L-Shipping weight 10 pounds ........... $10.88

Small-fry love the Shoofly

for its lively, floating ride

Either one

Ducky Shoofly.

Babies over 6 months


like the attractive duck seat. Duck

is full-molded plastic, finished in pastel

blues and pinks. Steel sUspension

springs and enameled hardwood rockers

give plenty of action. Play tray and

beads. Seat belt adjusts. 33x11x20

inches high. Unassembled.

79 N 7543L-Shpg.


12 lbs... $9.66

Wonder® Spring Rocker

Rocks and bounces just like a real

horsey. Durable molded plastic. In

pastel nursery colors of blue, pink, and

white. Tubular-steel base is blue en–

ameled. Coil suspension springs. 32xl


20 inches high. Unassembled.

79 N 7501L-Shpg. wt.


libs... $7.88

Ding Dong Rocker

A perfect little rocker for baby's first

rides. 472 inches floor to seat. 19 in. long.

Smoothly sanded wood is naturally

finished. Painted pinto markings


red trim. Jingle bell on nose adds fun

to ride. Hand grips. Unassembled.

49 N 7597- Wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz..... $1.99

Wonder® Shoofly Horse.

Little tykes 6

months and older will enjoy shoofiy's

active bounce. Perky pink and blue

plastic horse


mounted on suspension

springs. Rocks on tubular steel rockers.

Play tray, colored beads. Safety strap

holds baby in. About 32x17x20 inches

high. Rllcker base. Unassembled.

79 N 7513L-Shpg. wt. 12 lbs...$9.66

Buckaroo Shoofly

For tiny cowpokes. High, 4-color Ma–

sonite Presdwood sides and safety strap

keep baby secure. Four coil springs.

Hardboard seat and footrest, removable

steambent rockers, play tray. 32x17x19

in. high. Unassembled.

79 N 7552L-Shpg. wt. 12 lbs... $6.99

Little Rider Rocker

4-color horse character


screened on

sanded, shaped, red enameled Masonite

Presdwood. Yellow seat. Hand grips on

wood head. Reinforced. 22x9xl5 inches

high. Seat 8 inches high. For tykes 6



3 years old. Unassembled.

79 N 7517C-Shpg. wt. 6 lbs... $2.99