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a man-made pool table bed

that's as flat .. as smooth

as a


slate bed. Delivers a ball action

equal to that of the finest slate beds ..

and it's guaranteed to stay flat for five years

8-foot deluxe Pool Table





Rigidly braced pedestal legs provide broad, solid footing . . built-in levelers

permit precision adjustment. Balls return quietly to front of table, store in ball

compartment. Hefty pro-size gum rubber cushions assure correct rebound. Long–

wearing all-wool billiard cloth. Striking white finish with rosewood-grained rails

and gold-color cloth-goes beautifully with any decor. High-pressure laminate

rails resist cigarette burns and glass stains. For minimum upkeep, sturdy hardwood

frame is completely covered with tough molded plastic.

Complete with four 57-inch deluxe cues of regulation size and weight, 16 chip–

proof balls (2J4-inch diameter) with colors and numbers molded clear through,

bridge attachment, triangle, built-in score counters, chalk and rule book. Table

100x56 inches, carton size 105x61)1xl3 inches.

W6 N 2772N-Shipping weight 375 pounds.... . .................... $450.00

Here's a table with a genuine slate-to1med

bed that's priced lower than many tables

we have offered with an all-composition

bed. It's much harder and a lot quieter

than composition and


not warp

7-foot model

8-foot model

Steel-braced bed has a top layer of M-inch Italian slate bonded to

:Joi-inch flakeboard. Levels quickly, easily in all directions

Teakwood-grained finish with white trim and turquoise cloth makes this

table a handsome addition to any game room. Pro-size gum rubber cusbions.

Hardwood frame. 1003 wool billiard cloth. Braced pedestal legs fold under

bed, boast saucer-size levelers for added stability. Dual returns deliver balls

to front of table. Includes two 57-inch cues with inlaid handles, 16 balls (2J4-

inch diameter) with fade-proof colors and numbers, bridge attachment, tri–

angle, built-in score counters, chalk and rule book.

7-foot model. Table 84x46 inches, carton size 88x50x9



W6 N 2777N-Shipping weight 357 pounds.. ................ . .$299.50

8-foot model. Table 96x52 inches, carton size



W6 N 2771N-Shipping weight 410 pound&........ . ..... . .... . 325.00

Truly unique


because it's the first man–

made bed that


plays like the thick, solid

slate beds used on tables costing twice as much.


inches thick, it's built like a sandwich: rock–

hard top and bottom layers of a slate-like ma–

terial bonded to a honeycomb core of stiff fiber.

So smooth

. .

thanks to its seamless, one–

piece construction. Most slate beds consist of

two or more sections.

So strong

. .

the bed can easily support over

3,000 pounds by actual test. An ordinary com–

position bed this strong would be so heavy it

would sag under its own weight.

So rigid


it needs no bed levelers to com–

pensate for warping or twisting. You can even

put this table in your basement


you want–

balls still roll straight as an arrow after the

muggiest summer or driest winter.

5-year Bed Guarantee .



under normal

usage surface of bed should vary more than


of an inch from level within 5 years of pur–

chase date, Sears will adjust or replace bed free

of charge.



Note actual and carton dimensions listed for table.

Measure to be sure table will fit through doors, hall!I.

stairwells, etc. For maximum playing enjoyment, allow

at least 3 feet of elbow room on all sides of table.