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. the fun of pool

in less than


the space

of a standard table

Built like a standard table,

too, with a smooth bed of

%·inch thick composition ..

durable 100% wool billiard

cloth .. lively gum rubber

cushions and bumpers ..

and rigidly braced legs

Compact size-only 35x50 inches. Rich

teakwood-grain hardwood frame with

white legs. Bright red billiard cloth.

Tough plastic protects corners of frame.

Stores in a jiffy-just fold legs under

bed. Ball return at

end of ta.hie.

Complete with two 48-inch hardwood

cues, full set of


balls (2



eter), chalk, rule book.

W6 N 2757N-Shpg. wt. 92 lbs. $85.00

NOTE: Please measure before

ordering a Pool Table. Note

actual and carton size of table.

Then measure to be sure It

will fit through doors, halls,

stairwells, etc. For maximum

playing enjoyment, allow at

least 3 feet of elbow room on

all sides of table.

Even on Sears

low-priced Pool



get .

a ¥2-inch thick composition

bed that's steel-braced

to resist warping •. five bed

levelers to maintain true

ball roll .. lined pockets for

quiet play .. and 51/2·inch

deep frame on braced legs

for wobble-free play



Teak.wood-grain finish with turquoise

billiard cloth of cotton duvetyn. Two

side ball returns. Levelers on folding

legs. Plastic corners on hardwood framl!.

Includes 48-inch cues, 16 balls (2

~inch diameter) with colors and numbers

molded in, bridge attachment, triangle,

chalk and rule book. Actual size 84x45

inches; carton size 86x48x83-2 inches.

W6 N 2758N-Shpg.