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You'll enjoy longer-range, clearer reception because it's over twice as powerful as any of

our other Clock-Radios .. and 6-inch oval speaker and tone control assure you rich sound

You get big station-getting power and hear deep, clear bass notes you wouldn't

expect from a clock-radio . . thanks


a special push-pull output that doubles

the power of the 8 tubes, rectifier and 3 diodes. Tuned RF stage boosts weak,

distant FM signals .. pulls in these hard-to-get stations clearly.

Treble-bass control lets you dial just the tone you want. Automatic fre–

quency control locks FM stations against drift. Lighted slide-rule dial makes



easy. Magic-glow clock face lights up in dark.

This FM/AM Clock-Radio wakes you and

lulls you


sleep with the clear,

mellow sound of a 4-inch speaker

Drift to sleep, wake


clear AM or static-free FM. Full-feature

Telechron clock gives up to an hour of automatic listening at

night . . turns radio off . . turns it on at pre-set time in morning

. . then sounds buzzer-alarm after 10 minutes of music. At night,

Magic-glow clock face lights up . . silhouettes clock hands and

hidden set of hour markings.

RF stage pulls in weak, distant FM stations. Automatic fre–

quency control assures drift-free FM. Powerful chassis packs

6 tubes plus rectifier and 3 diodes. Twin vernier tuning dials

for FM and AM. Two built-in antennas plus outside FM anteu–

na connection. Plastic cabinet with gleaming silver-gold-color

clock face, walnut wood-grain finish in dial area. Measures about

6x15x5 inches deep.

$5 monthly on Sears




5045-Gray-green and ivory




Shipping weight 7 pounds. ........•. . . . . . . . . . ... Cash $42.95

Note for both pages:

Items UL listed for 110-120-v., 60-c. AC.

Telechron clock turns radio off after up to an hour's nighttime listening.


turns set back on.


morning .. sounds buzzer-alarm 10 minutes later.

Then just tap SNOOZ-Alarm for extra 7-minute cat naps. With 1100-watt

appliance outlet for coffee, etc. Two antennas plus outside FM antenna

connection. Walnut wood-grain finished plastic cabinet with sparkling

silver-gold-color trim. About 7x17x5 iuches deep.

$5 monthly on Easy Terms.

57 N 5047-Shipping weight 9 pounds.. . ... ..... . . . . . . . . . .Cash $57.95