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Solid mople cablnot


powerful AM/FM Radio treats you to hi-fidelity FM sound·.. huge 7x5-inch


delivers big, full


tones and 3H-inch


a8sures lifelike highs




l'hono in\lUl jack, outside FM antenna connection. About 7x17. 5 inches.

57 N 5020-Shipping weight 9 pound"-

$51110111/1ly ••.•••••

Cash $49.95

Solid maple cabinet. Here's warm Early

American styling. And

the solid

wood cabinet


even more richness to the sound. With same powerful

chassis and controls as above. Matching fabric grille cloth. About 9x I9x6 in.

57 N 5021-Shipping weight IJ poun•l•.

$5 111011!/ily • ••••


Cash $65.00

H ear big FM and AM sound from

7x5-in. speaker . . and dial just t he tone

you like with t he t reble-bass control

You enjoy thril ling sound .. thanks to tl1e big speaker :


:i. cabinet that's extra large to add fullness to tone. Six

tubes, rectifier and 3 diode,; supply powerful reception.

RF stage pulls in weaker FM stations clearly. Automatic

frequency control lets you lock FM signals against drift.

l .ightcd twin vernier tuning dials assure easy tuning.

Chassis fully enclosed in plastic cabinet with sih·er-gold–

color trim. About 7x16x5 inches. Two built-in antennas.

Connection for outside



Shipping weight



$5 111011//ily 011

Easy Terms.

5 7 N 50 17-Charcoal gray and ivory ... . . . Cash $37.95

57 N 50 18-Char brown and beige . .• ..... Cash 37.95

5 7 H 501 9 -Gray -grccn and ivory.. . ..... .Cash 37.95

Enjoy static-free FM and clear AM

from mellow-toned 4-inch speaker

Powerful chassis use,; 6 tubes, rectifier and 3 diodes. RF

stage pulls in weaker F.\ [ stations. Built-in au tomatic

frequency control bolds FJ\I drift-free. Accurale ,·crnicr

tuner. Plastic cabinet fully encloses chassis. With molclcd–

in carrying handle, wood-grain fin ish dial, silvcr-golcl-color

t.rim. About 6x15x5 inches deep.

Shipping weight 7 pounds.



57 N 5014-Char brown and ivory ...... . .Cash $28.95

57 N 5015-Gray-grccn and ivory....... . .Cash 28 .95

57 N 5016-Tangcrinc and ivory .. . . ..... .Cash 28.9 5

Electrical Note for both pages: All radios arc

l -L


ior 110- 120-Yolt, 60-cycle