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Our finest AM Clock-Radio

s everything our others do .. and it's fully TRANSISTORIZED for instant

sound and long life .. with a tuned RF stage that pulls in distant signals,

reduces annoying static and makes it easy to tune hard-to-dial stations

Lulls you to sleep, wakes you up, lets you take cat naps and

even starts your coffee perking. Its 8 transistors deliver big

power and last up to 5 times longer than tubes. Big 5-inch

speaker and music-voice tone switch assure brilliant, clear

sound. Tuned RF stage makes this set at least twice as

· ·v

our other AM clock-radios.

Telechron clock turns set off after up to an hour at night . . on in morning ..

adds buzzer-alarm 10 minutes later. SNOOZ-Alarm sives 7-minute


Magic-glow clock face lights up in dark. 1100-watt appliance outlet. Vernier

tuner. Plastic cabinet; silver-gold-color trim. About 15x6J.ix4 in.

57 N 5043-Gray-green and ivory

57 N 5044-Wahrnt-grained finish

Shipping weight 7 pounds 13 ounces.

$5 monthly...

. . .. . .... .

Cash $34.95


tap this SNOOZ-Alarm® when you want "just a few minutes more" under those soft, warm covers. It's on


of these radios .. treats you to extra 7-minute cat naps .. Jets you enjoy 5 of these wonderful naps in all

Soothes you asleep, wakes you with your

favorite AM music, even starts your morning

coffee .. big 5-inch speaker delivers rich tone

Telechron clock turns radio off after up to an hour's listening ..

turns it on at pre-set time in morning. Buzzer sounds after 10 min–

utes .. then tap SNOOZ-Alarm for extra 7-minute snoozes.

Magic-glow clock face lights up at night . . silhouettes clock

hands. 1100-watt appliance outlet. Four tubes plus rectifier. Large

plastic cabinet about 14x7J.ix4J.i inches .. boasts silver-gold-color

trim and wood-grained finish around slide-rule tuning dial.

57 N 5040-Gray-green and ivory

57 N 5041-Char brown and ivory

Shipping weight


pounds 10 ounces.


monthly. ..


Cash $26.95

Drift off to sleep, wake up to clear AM music

from mellow-toned 4-inch speaker

Thrifty priced . . yet boasts full-feature Telechron clock.



you to sleep with up to an hour's listening. Then clock turns radio

off .. turns it on again in morning . . adds buzzer-alarm 10 minutes

later. Then you can tap SNOOZ-Alarm for extra 7-minute cat naps

. . up to 5 in all. Chassis boasts 4 tubes plus rectifier, accurate

vernier tuning. Sturdy plastic cabinet with black and silver-gold–

color trim. About


inches deep.

57 N 5033-Ivory 57 N 5034-Turquoise 57 N 5035-Pink

Shipping weight 5 pounds 12 ounces . .... . . . ... . . . .. . ... $18.95

No money down .. no month/,y payments

until February 1965


see page 352