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Move family of 5 dolls from room



as you watch through clear plastic roof

Magnetic House

Over 100 pieces

Point a Magic-Mover wand. and the magnetized

doll-family glides into motion. :Modern 5-room

house with O\'er 40 pieces of furniture and acces–

sories can be arranged many ways. 15 walls, 2

removable roofs, trees, shrubs. Also 5 dolls and a

snappy little car. 20x26-inch sturdy Masonite

Presdwood base with 4 legs. Partly assembled.

79 N 1465C- Shipping weight 6 lbs... .. $3.97

Unfold this Ranch House, and there are all the people

Make your own dolls


When a youngster's finished playing with



delightful rooms full of plastic "Ital–

ian Provincial" furniture . . this house

close;; up like a


Easy to tuck away.

So complete, with 48 pieces of f\lrniture and

7 doll figures. Nursery has a baby and every–

thiug a baby needs. Living room, dining room,

bedroom, kitchen and bath fully equipped.

House is chipboard. Open: 10x20x22 in.

79 N l466L- Shipping wt. 3 lbs.. . . . $3.97

Table Lamps light up

her doll house



Shining success in any doll

room. Only


in. high, but

they really work on 3 batteries

(included). Plastic. 3 bulbs.

49Nl426-Wt. 6 oz .. Set 97c

You can really pose

these Bendable Dolls



Bend these 5 Twistoys into al–

most any position, and they'll

stay put. 2


to 5 in. high, in

plastic. From Hong Kong.

49Nl404- Wt. 8oz. Set$1.89


Doll Casting Set


Melt Formex "7" compound in pan

on Dyna-Cast thermal unit .. pour

into plastic molds .. cool in tank. Now

takeout: Mother, Dad. 2 children and

their 2 pets. Paint included with set.

Non-toxic natural-color compound is

re-usable (order extra compound on

page 98). Thermal unit, 6x4 in., heats

with electric bulb (included).

79 N 1464C- Wt. 6 lbs... Set $4.99

Extra Mold Kits.

49 N 1467- School Room (2 stu–

dents, desk and teacher)

49N1468- 3 Dolls of other countries

Shipping weight 1 pound .... Kit 92c