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For dolls up to




inches tall

Modern-style Furniture

in Seashell Pink Hardwood


Drop-side Crib. Has everything to please dolls up to 23 in.


Plastic teething rails, plastic play beads and "little lamb" silk

screen design. Nursery print on plastic mattress and bumper. Casters.

25xl6x20 in. high. Doll not included. Unassembled.

Shipping weight 10 pounds.

79N33501C .... ............. . ....... . ...... . ............. $8.99


High Chair. From its beautifully turned legs to its "little lamb"

screen design, this high chair was built to flatter your loveliest



tray; leg braces for extra support. Dolls up to 20 inches

tall will love it. 8xl2x22 in. high. Partly assembled.

Shipping weight 3 pounds.

79 N 33502C . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . .. . ....... . .. . .... $6.99

Bath and Oydee Set. Water recir·

culates from vinyl tub to shower

spray. Top flips down for a dress–

ing table. Steel tray holds soap,

clothespins and line, diapers, tongs

and sponge .. all included.

2lxl3x24 in. high. For dolls up to


in. tall. Doll not included.

Shipping weight



79 N 33517C ...........Set $4.97

High Chair and Feeding Set.

Ideal for dolls up to 18 in. tall.

24-in. high chair has tubular

steel legs, molded plastic seat,

back and tray. Includes a bot–

tle, "bottle warmer", spoon,

dish, empty cereal box, cup and

rattle. Unassembled.

Shipping weight 2 lbs. 8 oz.

49 N 33518 ... . ....Set $3.99


Steel frame Playpen

It's a perfect play area for

baby dolls or a handy toy

catch-all. Has a gaily decorated

hardboard floor and nylon net

sides. Playpen measures about

18xl7xl2 inches high .. ac·

commodates most size dolls.

Sent unassembled.

Shipping weight 3 pounds.

79 N 33507C

.... S3.4 7

Bedding Set

Fits any doll crib, carriage, cradle and

bed Sears sells. 3-piece set includes ray–

on pillow, cover and snuggly blanket.

Cover measures about 14xl8 in. Jong.

Shipping weight 8 ounces.

49N33516 ........... .. .... . . . $1.99

When it's play time for dolly,

what could be more fun than a

canopied swing? Removable

canopy shades her from the

sun. Sturdy frame. 24 in. high.

For dolls up to 20-in. tall. En–

amel finish. Steel rods. Unas–

sembled. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.

79 N 33508C ......... . .$3.99

Diaper Bag and




What a complete set. Includes bag,

bottle that seems to empty, "bottle

warmer," dish, cups, spoons, soap,

powder, sponge. rattle, clothes

line, clothespins and more.

49 N 33509-Wt. 12 oz..... $2.99