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RC· American Eagle Sailplane.· • Ughtwerght,

gracefully contoured sailplane has a 4-ft. wing–

span.and comes ready to fly in minutes' Equipped wrth

Hr-Start launcnrng system for take-off power radro

control unit for drgrtal, proportional conlrol of drrec–

lrons R/C unrt uses 6 " AA" alkaline or rechargeable

r-Cad batteries-not included, sold on page 461

Sailplane uses 4 " AAA" batteries (not included)

Tough infection-molded polystyrene foam and plas11c

plane rs 29x48x5 V2in.hrgh " American Eagle" decals.

rnstructrons included For ages 12 to adult.

XU 926-2031 A-Del. wt. 3 65 lbs



Re· Electric-Powered Hawk Trainer.·· 38 V2-1n

wingspan plane rs ready to fly' Control drrectron

wrth fully proportronal radro control unrt Comes wrth

electric motor. recharger wrth burlt-rn trmer. rechargea–

ble Nr-Cad battery system R/ C unrt uses 6 "AA" alka·

line or rechargeable Nr-Cad batteries-not included.

sold on page 461 Plane uses 4 " AAA' batteries (not

rncluded) Tough 1n1ectron molded polystyrene foam

and piastre plane rs 23V..x38V2x5lf2 in hrgh " Hawk"

decals. instrucuons included For ages 12 to adult

Was $119 99 rn our Summer '80 Catalog

XU 920-2128 A-Del wt 5 lbs




RC" Prper Arrow


4 1-rn wingspan plane rs

powered by a Cox .049 gas-powered engrne

Uses Cox- Sanwa R/C System-order (4} below

Plane uses 4 " AA" alkaline or rechargeable Nr-Cad–

batterres-not rncluded . sold on page 461 Tough rn·

1ect1on-molded polystyrene foam and piastre plane rs

36x4lx10 in hrgh FCC license applrcatron included

Instructions included For ages 12 to adult

XU 920·1286 A-Del wt 3.20 lbs



Cox-Sanwa Re· 2-Channel System:· Dual strck

drgrtal. proportional system offers independent.

simultaneous control of herght and drrectron LED rndr–

cators rn 61f2X t ''2 x4 1f2 rn -hrgh transm tier Piastre

housing Uses 8 " AA" alkaline or rechargeable Nr-Cad

batteries-not included, sold on page 461 FCC


cense applrcatron included lnstructrons included For

ages 12 to adult

XU 926-6321 A-Del wt 2 50 lbs


SAVE $20. Buy Plane


and R/ C System (4)

XU 920-1302 A-Del wt 5 70 lbs...




Buck Rogers' Star Fighter.·· Authentrcally de·

tar led model rs powered by aCox .049 gas engine

Snap starter system (adaptable to other gas-powered

motors) for easy take-off included. Sturdy piastre

18x 18x5 in. hrgh Requires starter krt-order [8] or [9]

below Instructions included Ages 1


to adult

XU 926-2163 A-Del wt. 2. 25 lbs


' 1980.

Roben C. Diiie


Wild Wrngs Baron.·· Sinisterly decaled U-control

flyer plane rs powered by a Cox .049 gas engine

Snap starter system (adaptable to other gas-powered

motors) included Sturdy piastre 14x 14x5 rn. hrgh Re–

quires starter krt-order [8] or [9] below. Instructions

included Ages 10 and up

XU 926·2056 A-Del. wt 1.25 lbs..




Sky Panger.•• Free-flrght ·copter clrmbs hun·

dreds of feet under power' Auto rotation system

takes over. and brings Sky Ranger down for a perfect

landing Powered by a Cox " Babe Bee" 049 gas en- •

grne Snap starter system. adaptable to other gas–

powered motors. included Sturdy piastre 13x 16x6 rn

hrgh Requires starter krt-order [8] or [9] below

Instructions included For ages 10 to adult

XU 926-2049 A-Del. wt 1 50 lbs .




Gas Modeler's Deluxe Starter Kit. For cars.

planes, boats Includes V2 prnt fuel wrth filler cap

and hose.


V2-volt starting battery, glow head clip.

control handle lrne. 2 se1s of mullr-purpose wrenches

for .020 and 049 engines. Black piastre carry case.

XU 926-5331 A-Del. wt. 3 lbs

..........Krt 10.99


Gas Modeler's Starter Kit. For cars , planes.



prnt of fuel , frller hose. 1


12-volt starting

battery.glow head clrp. and a multr-purpose wrench for

049 engines

XU 926-0043 A-Del


1.90 lbs

...Krt 5.99

·All Radio Control vehicles are FCC approved, and

include an FCC license application if required.

..Warranted by manufacturer, see page 363.



this catalog.


toys from pages 375-527-

at thtlse low prlce11-

untll August 15, 1981.