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Thought for Christmas giving .


a Photo Album for the entire family

Family Portrait Album.


Keep your' family por-

traits in this good-looking album.

Front of bnok is a photo frame of

brown padded artificial leather with

embossed design. Back forms an easel

stand. Has six mounting sheets. Each

holds an 8x10 in. photo or 4 small

3Y,x4.J.1' in. photos. Pages turn easily

on plastic rings. Non-breakable front

window. 12Y,x10Y,


3 N



Book-size Photo Album. A


lovely album to fit right

into your bookshelf. Black imitation

leather binding with gold-color de–

sign. Inside front cover is Sx7 in.

picture frame with gold color line

trim. Large pocket in back holds

negatives. Loose-leaf style; metal

rings. 80 pages of heavy black album

paper. Size, 7x9 inches. Name in




name wanted.

3 NR 5860-Shpg._wt.,1lb.6 oz. $1.34

Photo-Frame Wedding


Book. Handsome book of

white washable artificial leather

for recording the big events of

your wedding. Put your favorite

8x10 inch photo in padded front

frame. Additional frames on in–

side front and back cover for other

photographs. Sturdy easel style.

Non-breakable window. 22 illustra–

ted pages. Size, 11 Y,x9




, llb.1 Ooz.$3.27


Graduation Memories.


Keep your schoolday

memoirs in this attractive book.

Sturdy blue cloth cover; spiral plas•

tic binding. 30 pages. 12Y,x9



3 .N 5911-Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. $1.86


Photo-Autograph Book.


Brown artificial leather

with 2 photo frames on inside.

58 pages. Size, 6J{x4}:4' inches.

3 N 5913-Shpg. wt., 10 oz. . . 83c

,.Make your Christmas gift to that special someone .


a lovely picture frame

Time to think about Christmas giits. May we suggest ... your photograph in a smart Sears

picture frame . Any one of these frames makes a beautiful background for your photo. Your

choice ofeight different styles . . . each one outstandingly lovely, each one economically priced


Decorated Mirror Frame.


Surround your favorite

photograph with beauty. 8x10 in.

This smartly decorated plate glass

mirror frame will do just that. Ivory–

colored screen background and attrac–

tive nipped pie crust edges. Uf1right

easel style .. . imitation leather back.

Glass window. Perfect for that 8x

10-in. photograph.

3 N


, 5 lbs. 8 oz. $1.16


Attractive Metal Frame $


is richly finished in

green-gold color. Makes a

5x7 in.

lovely photo look even lovelier. Popu–

lar easel style with sturdy arti_ficial

leather back. Glass window.

3 N 5976-5x7 inch photo frame.

Shipping weight, 12 ounces ... $2.47

3 N 5977-8x10 inch photo frame.

Shipping weight, 1 lb. 8 oz... $2.61




Frame ... rich brown

cftlor with handsome 22K 3\4x414 in.

gold tooling. Non-breakable win–

dows. Your choice of three sizes.

3 N 6008- For two photos, 3X'x4X' in.

. Shipping weight, 8 oz. .. . .. .. $2.91

3 N 6009- For two photos, size Sx7 in.

Shipping weight, 12 ounces . .. $4.11

3 N 601 0-For two photos, size 8xl0

in. Shipping weight, 1 lb. 6 oz.$6.11


Decorated Lucite Frame.

$2 83

A frame designed for

you who like something Sxl 0 in.

new,. Upright style with polished

Lucite (plastic) base and wings. Ar–

tistic floral design on top of glass win–

dow adds a smart touch of color to

this sparkling frame that's as modern

as tomorrow. For 8x10 in. photo.


,1lb.12 oz. $2.83


Hand-etched Mirrac




plate glass mirror is ex- 12x14




with dainty floral

spray and studded with four crystal

glass rosettes ... one in each corner.

Measures 12x14 in. overall with

8xl 0 in. glass picture window in

attractive off-center position. Easel

style ... sturdy artificbl leather back.

3 N 5965-Shpg. wt., 5 lbs.. $2.17


Double Frame of


brown artificial leath-

er with gold-color em- 3\4x4 \4


bossing. Non-breakable windows.

3 N 5956- For two 3J{x4J{-inch

photos. Shipping wt., 5 oz . ... 96c

3 N 5957-For two Sx7-inch pho–

tos. Shipping weight, 1


oz.. $1.36

3 N 5958:--For two 8-10-inch pho–

tos. Shipping wt., 1 lb. 14 oz.$1.67





makes Christmas shopping easy on




Ever-popular Wood


Frame with antiqued

silver color finish. Graceful 5x7


lines give this frame an elegant ap–

pearance you'll like. In popular

easef style; artificial leather back.

Glass window. Choice of 2 sizes.

3 N 6014- 5x7 inch photo frame.

Shipping weight, 12 oz.. . . . .$1.44

3 N 6015- 8x10 inch photo frame.

Shippiniz wt., 1 lb. 6 oz.. .. .. $1 .57


Economical Photo


Frame. Beautifully

made of brown artificial

5x7 in.

leather with gold-color trim. Pop–

ular easel style; artificial leather

biu:k. Glass window.

3N5959-For 5x7-inch photograph.

Shipping weight,- 1 pound ... .78c

3 N 5960- For 8x10-inch pho10.

Shipping weight, 1 lb. 9 oz...$1.17