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Distinctive Sets ... attractive enough to grace anyone's writing desk

Good quality four-piece Desk Set. Each item of

this good looking set is trimmed with imitation lea–

ther and pleasingly embossed to resemble hand–

tooled leather. Set includes: a combination perpet–

ual calendar and letter file; padded · rocker type

blotter; plastic letter opener and a 16x21 incb desk

pad with padded sides and blotter. Desk set comes


dark brown with gold color trim.

3 N 031.59-4-pc. desk set. Shpg. wt., 4 lbs.. . ..$1.83

Smart flve-piece Desk Set. Attractive enough to

grace anyone's writing desk. Made of rich looking,

heavily padded, brown artificial leather, stamped

with gold color diagonal stripes. Includes: 15x22-

inch pad with blotter, combination perpetual

calendar and letter holder, plastic letter opener

with artificial leather handle, rocker type blotter

and glass inkwell with stand.

3 N


desk set. Shpg. wt., 4 lbs.... $2,8(»

Handsome genuine leather Desk Set. This beauti–

ful five-piece desk set will lend distinction to any

desk. Each piece is trimmed with rich brown genu–

ine leather and handsomely tooled in 23-karat gold

to add that special note of luxury. Set includes:

15x22-inch pad with blotter, perpetual calendar,

glass inkwell with stand, letter opener and rocker

type blotter. Available November


3 N03272-5-pe. desk set. Shpg. wt. 5 lbs.... .$5.37



You get revised map

sections ofter final

peace treaties ore


Gifts for the home and office are festive for Christmas ... favorites all year


practical and useful gifts this holiday season. You'll find just the kind of Christmas presents on

this page that the whole family can enjoy. For instance, a globe is always a welcome gift-to follow

daily headlines across the world. Order any one of these timely gifts for your friends or for yourself

Each globe in 8 colors showing over '5,000 place locations in clear, easy-to–

read print. Washable, scratch resistant surface. A 32-page book "The Story

of the Globe" with popular questions and answers game included with globe.

@Student's Glol:ies. A


Reference Globe

@]New Illuminated

substantial globe

with Atlas. An


that offers a wealth of

ideal set for the office

and have a world oflight.

detail in compact

desk or library table.

This handmade globe

form. Designed for

Sturdy globe is mount-

combines geographical

easy reference. Dura-

ed in metal half me-

accuracy with beauty.

ble metal base.

ridian. Richly decorat-·

Glass globe is mounted

3N05400-1 O·inch globe.

ed hand rubbed wal-

in 10-in. half meridian


Embossed Address Book. Attrac-

tive design with heavily padded

artificial leather covers. A-Z index.

5x8 inches. Ivory or brown.


stale color wanted.

3 N3278-Shpg.


1 lb ......



Fountain Pen Desk Set. Gold

plated silver palladium point.

Filled easily by side lever. Black

plastic base; contrasting color trim.

Convenient swivel socket.

3 N8000-Shpg.


8 oz..... $1.54

Ht., 14 in. Shpg.

nut finish stand con-

... durable steel base.

wt., 3 lbs ...... $2.44

tains 255-page illus-

Operates on any cur-


Pen-Pencil Desk Set. You'll find


trated atlas, with war

rent. Cord and 30-watt

this double set an ideal gift. Con-



in. With

map supplement.

bulb incl. Shpg. wt. 9 lbs.

tains 1 fountain pen and 1 mechani-

metal half meridian. (Not

3 N05404-12-in. globe.

3 N05405-1 O·inch globe.

cal pencil. Same as above. Ship-

shown.) Shpg.






ping wt., I lb. 2 oz.

wt., 6 lbs.......$4,63

Shpg. wt., 11 lbs.$11.67

high............. $13.77

3 N8001. ..................


Everything at





on convenient Easy Poymenf Terms, see

page 174C for complete details.


Perfect Writing Pad. For adult

or child. Write message with

stylus. Press button, it disappears.

Turn button, message locks. Size,

6,X'x3U inches.

.3 N4998-Postpaid.......... $1.25


New! Illustrated Liberty Atlas.

360 pages of the very latest and

finest material that can be assem–

bled. Includes 96 maps. Size, 12Y.x



in. Stiff Cover.

3 N5414-Postpaid ........... $4.81


Automatic Desk Index. Colorful

plastic case with heavy manila

A-Z index cards. Move indicator,

press button and case opens to card

wanted. Size, 7Y.x4 inches.

3 N3279-Postpaid ......... $2.50