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Simplex Bookkeeping. Comflete business rec-

ord with space for. journa entries, cash dis–

bursements, etc. Black imitation leather cover; red

imitation leather ends. About 105 pages, with

handy instruction chart. Size, 11Y.xl814 in.

3 N 4080-Shipping weight, 3 lbs. 8 oz ... $3.25


Farm-Ranch Record Book. Wendland's 80-page


book follows the 1040F Income Tax Schedule.

Will guide you correctly with every entry for

entire year. Durable paper cover, 8Y,xl1 inches.

3 N 421 3-Shipping weight, 8 ounces ...... 93c


Professional 3-yr. Record Book. For receipts,

disbursements. Artificial leather cover.

3 N 4214-Size, 8,V.xll in. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs $3.22


Service Station-Garage Record. For commod–

ities sold, services rendered. 1 year record.

3 N 4215-!0x13 in. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. 8 oz .-$3.34


Tavern-Cafe Record.

Covers purchase and

payment of merchandise, disbursements of ex·

penses. Weelcly profit and loss statement. 1 yr. record.

3 N 4216R-Size, 8,V.xll in. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs.$2.18

It's time to think of the new year? Stock up on all the supplies you need

Make your New Year's resolution ... and start the year right with'necessary office supplies. When

ordering gifts for friends and relatives at Christmas time, don't forget to include an order for

your office and for your home, too. These practical, timely gifts are useful every day of'the year!


Manila File Folders. Shpg.

wt., per 100, 5 lbs. 13 oz.

3 N 4130-Square cut tab.

Size, 9Y,x11K in.......100 for 97c

3 N4183-2-divislan


cut) tabs.

Size, 9Y,x11K in ..... 100 for $1.22

3 N4132-3-division (


cut) labs.



1U in.....100 for $1.22

Upright Style Calendar. This

popular calendar shows past,

present and succeeding months

at each opening. Daily dates

printed in red. Metal bronze

finish basecontains3x4-inch pad.

3 N


.,1 lb.3 oz.. 87c

3 N4252-Pad only.

Shipping weight, 8 oz..... .... 34c


90 ..




Executive Desk Calendar

Pad. Yearly calendar is

printed on each sheet as well as

past, present and coming

months. Bronzed metal base with

ruled Sx8-inch pad.

3N4263-Shpg. wt., 3 lbs.$1.67

3 N4264-Pad only.

Shipping weight, 12 oz........ 82c


Morriset Desk Set. This

smartly designed plastic con–

tainer holds 2Y,-oz. ink bottle.

Dripless pen unit of durable

stainless steel, gold plated, irid–

ium tipped for fine writing. 1

bottle ink; funnel incl.

3 N4189-8\ack. Postpaid ..$3.00

3 N4196-Maroon. Postpaid. 3.00


Card Index Trays. .Fiber·

board; follower block; cover. .

3 N4190- For 3x5 inch cards. 12x


in. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. 9 oz.68c

3 N4191-For 4x6 inch cards. 12x

6%xSJ.1i in. Shpg. wt., 3 lbs. 2Oz.88c

3 N4195-For 5x8 inch cards. 12x

8;1x5K inches. Shipping weight,

2 lbs. 12 oz,. . . .... .

. .. $1.08


Swivodex--the writing set

that refuses to spill ink. This

easy-to-fill base will hold up

to 6 months' ink supply–

reduces evaporation. Smooth

writing pen has replaceable sil·

ver point. Black plastic 4 )-:\ in.

base swivels to every angle.

3N3983-Postpaid .. . ... . . $3.00


File with Index. Keep personal and

business papers in this efficient, convenient file.

Very popular for home and office. It's an

ideal place for household bills, receipts, war bonds,

insurance policies, deeds. Made of laminated rein–

forced cardboard with strong taped edges. Con–

tains indexed folders from A to Z plus five blank

folders with labels. Overall size, 12Y,x10}4x5Y, in.

3 N41 02-Shipping weight, 2 lbs. 9 oz.......... $1.1 8


Box Letter Files. Excellent for home or office

use. Sturdily constructed wooden back with

heavy fiberboard front and sides. Strong metal

snap lock. A-z· paper index. Practical for daily

.reference. Overall size, 12x11Y,x3 in.

3 N4154-Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. 5 oz............... 67c

Larger Box File. Heavier, bigger file than above.

Cloth tab A to Z index.


12x11Y,x514 in.

3 N4155-(Not shown}. Shpg. wt., 3 lbs. 4 oz.... $1.1 8

Use Sears

convenient Easy


Plan for


your Christmas






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