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height scale

Plastic tip

clothes hooks

Toddler Gifts say "Have a Happy Christmas" to Baby and Mother


New! GROWS-Rack.. . The "living"

clothes tree that grows right along with

children. Always the right height for them

to reach comfortably. A practical solution

to clothes-care problems wherever there are

children! Helps mother train small-fry in

tidiness and enables her to check child's

growth in a jiffy!

Upper post rod, with easy-to-read inch

markings, adjusts to and locks at any

height with a simple twist. Child's height

is visible at a glance. Measures from 43Y. to

63 inches. No more pencil marks on wall or

door trim!



New I Lazy Suzie Nursery Jar Set. Turn-

table turns on ball bearings, brings

choice of 5 labeled jars. T wo covered, two

open utility compartments on tray for

soap,,pins, etc. Maize and mint color plastic.

8 N 2295-12V. x7V. x3'!. in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs...$3.95


Overniter for Baby. Top bottle compart-

ment can be removed; is fiber glass insu–

lated to keep bottles warm, cold for many

hours. Attractive black and red tweed on

white ·with black trim, easy-to-clean plastic.

Plastic zipper diaper bag, 11 Y.x9 in. Lug–

gage-type handle. 32-in. zipper-top open- .

ing. Fully interlined with washable Krene




GROWS-Rack is sturdily constructed of

lightweight tubular steel posts. Baked

enamel finish is a neutral color. This finish,

combined with modern styling, permits the

GROWS-Rack to blend well with any

room decor. Legs and hooks are of nickel–

plated, heavy-duty solid steel; hook tips and

legs are protected by colorful, flexible poly–

ethylene plastic tips that won't mark floors.

Wonderful new Christmas gift idea that

both mother and the children will appre–

ciate; a present that will recall your

thoughtfulness for years and years to come.

8N2056E-13c Fed. lox included.I Wt.




Travel-type Baby Bag. Flip-open spring

device keeps top tightly closed, yet

opens easily to show entire contents. Dur–

able Krene plastic is lightweight, scuff–

proof, resists stains, easy to wipe clean.

Fiberglas insulated.


charcoal tweed

or charcoal and white plaid.

8 N


xl0x6!/, in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.Soz.$4-49

[[] Travel-type Baby Bag. Same as above,

Handy Wall Kiddie Kabinette encourages tidiness, cleanliness

Kiddie Kabinette-ivory-color plastic wall cabinet with adorable pen–

guin design. Children will love putting their things away in their very

own cabinet. Mirror inside door. Over-all size is 6x5Y.x2Y. inches.

Adhesive back- leaves no wall mars from screws or nails. Cabinet con–

tains two toothbrushes labeled, "Good Merning," and "Good Night."

·unbreakable plastic cup, plastic child's comb, and plastic hair brush.

Accessories come in colors gay as



(Sorry, no choice.)

but larger.


charcoal tweed or tan

tweed. 17y.xllx6Y2 inches.

The Kiddie Kabinette is the ideal place to keep all ofchild's grooming

accessories. Helps them learn to be neat, too.

8 N 9571-Shipping weight 3 lbs. 4 oz. ... ..$5.79



2054-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz..


8 N 2255-Complete Kiddie Kobinette. Shipping weight l pound........ .. ...$2.95

Double-duty train

•• feeding dish, toy

Especially for the Crib and Bib Set .. a galaxy of inexpensive gifts. Select several


New! Wallie the

Walrus-a smug

and smiling squeeze–

type floating tub toy of

vinyl plastic who car–

ries his own 2-oz. vinyl

package ofsweet-smell–

ing bubble bath. Wal–

lie's expression will

show tots that heenjoys

his bubble bath almost

as much as they. (3c

Fed. tax included.)

8 N 9577E- Wt. 4 oz.$1.00


Cuddles and Bubbles

Set. Washable cot–

ton 9}1-in. terry cloth

doll filled with soft

foam rubber- is right

at home in Baby's

bath. Lovable and fun

for Baby to play with

in bath or out. Tube of

bubble bath included,

gives added bath time



Fed. taxinclud–

ed.) Shpg. wt. .8 oz.

8 N 9569E........ :$1.00

206 ••









Mennen Baby

Gift Stocking. 12-

in. polyethylene plas–

tic stocking has color–

ful binding with han–

dle for hanging. Con–

tains: 4 oz. Baby Mag–

ic skin lotion in plastic

bottle, 4 ounce baby

powder, plastic tele–

phone rattle. A useful

inexpensive gift. (Shpg.

wt. 14 oz.) Postpaid.

SN 9565. .. .......$1.00


Toddler's Fork ond

Spoon Set. Surprise

your favorite little

pixie with his or her

very own fork and

spoon. He'


be so

proud of this set de–

signed for "wee folk."

Easy for him to handle,

too. Each are of stain–

less steel with hand–

painted Bakelite han–

dles. 5 inches long.

8 N 9566-Wt. 3 oz..$1.00


Kitten Music Box.

Lulls Baby to sleep

. . . plays "Brahms

Lullaby." Made of

h a rdwood, hand–

p a in







trim1ned in white and

mint green. Hang from

wall or tie to carriage

or crib.


inches. A fascinating

gift for Baby that

Mother will like, too.

8 N 9366- Wt. 8 oz..$3.98

Gay, colorful train makes

Baby's meols more interesting


bright red-and-white heat-resist–

ant plastic. Includes spoon, fork,

two-section dish and tumbler; all

fit into engine and tender, but can

be removed and used separately.

Looks like a real train .. will keep

Baby happy at



all length of train is



Shipping weight 1 pound.

8 N


set. ....... . . $1.00