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Washable Kitten. 'Love her, tub her--she's

a most unusual cat and just loves baths.

Her chubby body is filled with shredded foam

plastic, the fastest drying filling we know of;

it stays sweet smelling, too. Pastel color, cot–

ton-backed rayon plush coat. Coy, hand–

painted vinyl face. 12 inches long.

49N 4147-Shipping weight 1 pound..... , ..



A Collie for Christmas I One of the most

beautiful in all dog-dom with a long

snuggly coat of synthetic fiber that looks and

feels like real fur. Realistic hand-decorated

vinyl plastk face, perky stand-up ears, puffy

tail, true-to-life markings. Cuddly cotton

stuffing. 17 inches long. A pet any young dog

lover will adore. Order now for Christmas.

49N 4148-Shipping weight 2 pounds.......



Newl "Moo, Moel" It's Daisy Bell, the

barnyard beauty, calling to you. Look at

her hand-painted tlinyl face, you can tell

she's a flirt ... from her big brown eyes to her

friendly smile showing two pearly teeth. She's

dressed in her best: a garden-bright daisy

chain and a cow bell. Brown and white

Hereford markings on rayon plush coat.

Cotton stuffed. Felt hooves. Wired tail can

be put in different positions. 10 inches long.

49 N 4164- Shipping weight 2 pounds.. . . . ..



Jungle Bebe captures snoozy kiddies!

This floppy little leopard girl looks so

cozy tykes can't resist curling up with her.

Spotted coat of pettable rayon plush; cotton

backed. Dreamy little plastic face wipes clean.

Pink felt-lined stand-up ears, dainty paws.

16 inches of naptime, night-time fun. Cotton

stuffed, and oh, so squeezable!

49 N 406()-Shipping weight 1 pound 6 ounces.





New I Bullet, the guardian of Roy Rogers'

ranch, wants to be your pet. A big, brave

German Shepherd, he measures 26l/i inches

long. Realistically detailed, rich-color rayon

plush coat with vinyl plastic face and plastic

collar. Cotton stuffed.

49 N 4161- Shpg. wt. 3 lbi. 6 oz.... .. .. ....



Weiking Chimp struts along with you turn-

ing his comic head from side to side as he

looks for monkey business. Fuzzy-wuzzy

brown coat of cotton-backed rayon plush.

Break-resistant molded plastic body. Vinyl

plastic face and hands. 19 inches tall.

49 N 4143- Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 6 oz.. . .........



A Gicntl Roly-Poly Rover looks like he

ate too many bones for dinner. He's 18

inches long and fat as can be, a big armful

of love. Squeeze one of his floppy ears, hear

his joyous "woof." Thick rayon plush coat is

cotton backed. Cotton stuffed.

49 N 4136--Shipping weight 3 pounds........



New Miniature Kitten. Only 6 inches long,

just the right size pet for baby. Pastel

rayon plu,sh; cotton stuffed. Felt eyelashes.

49 N


weight 8 ounces, . .. . ..



Lifelike Cocker Spaniel. Take this real fur

spaniel for a play walk:-Pull gently on his

leash, see him waddle al,ong-his ears bounc–

ing in the breeze. Squeeze bulb on his leash,

hear him "bow-wow.,, Downy-soft lamb fur,

with natural markings. Droopy lined ears.

Plastic collar, leash. Glassene eyes locked in

for safety. Cotton stuffing is lightly packed so

you can put him in 101 poses. 14 inches long


49N 419Cl-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 10 oz....... . ....


Ride away to adventure on Roy Rogers' Trigger!

As frisky as a real pony, but so easy to steer the tiniest dude can ride

him. Trigger steers smoothly in any direction, just like every well–

trained cow pony. He rolls quietly across the play room plains on

rubber-tired wheels. His steel frame is so strong it supports up to 100

pounds! Palomino color, cotton-backed rayon plush coat with flow–

ing white mane and tail. Stuffed with springy cotton and excelsior.

Western style vinyl plastic saddle is only 19 inches from the floor,

easy for tots to mount; wipes clean. 19x10x21 inches.

79 N 0408()-Shipping weight 8 pounds . . ............... .. .........



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