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1want some of those merry toys I saw in your shop

Blocks to build, a phone that rings, a sweeper that sings, a choo-choo, too!


Put nuts, bolts

in proper spots

Top is fun

to pound, too.

Big Take-apart Work Bench with Tools Delights Tiny Carpenters

Fun to take apart and put back together, helps to teach eye and hand co–

ordination. Doubles as a pounding bench for your pep-packed tot. Large

tool rack on bench holds wrench, claw hammer, screw driver. Wooden

screws, nuts, dowels are easy to remove. Top of bench doubles as 11-inch

rule. Wood bench with ·Masonite Presdwood back measures 10Y,ixl lx6

inchi:s deep. Smoothly sanded; eye-catching; non-toxic colors.

49 N 4761-Shipping weight 2 pounds 12 ounces....... ..... ... ....•. ...... $2.15

Sears guarantees complete satisfaction or your money refunded


Little-priced toys that will draw big smiles from your tot


Flip-Flop Peg Board. Tots pound

with wood mallet on 8 bright

wood pegs, then flip the top and be–

gin again. Helps teach hand-eye co–

ordination. Varnished hardwood.

13Y,ix6Yix3Ya in. A thrifty gift.

49 N 4762-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 9 oz... $1.89


NEW! Patty-Wack. Tykes twirl

the brightly colored balls, see

them spin around; learn to use their

hands and identify colors. Smoothly

rounded edges. Major parts made of

ha-rdwood. Non-toxic colors. 8

inches long. Order now.

49 N 4647-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 2 oz... . $1.59


Our Lowest Priced Musical Top.

Hurns happily, makes a gala color

pattern. Metal. 91-2-inch diameter.

49 N 513-Shpg. wt. 1 lb.


oz.. . .... 85c







Our Best Musical Top. A musical

miracle! The mellow strains of

a church organ reproduced by a

top! Lovely, low-pitched chords are

created by 12 reeds that change tone

as top spins. Both tots and adults

are entranced by the soothing music.

Big rubber base keeps· the top in

position, allows long spinning action.

Qala carnival motif on metal. 9-

inch diameter. Imported from West–

ern Germany. Order now.

49N 55Cf-Shpg. wt. 1 lb.


oz..... $1.85

[]) New Musical Top makes a rain-

bow of color as it spins. See the

colorful metal discs change color

before your eyes. Clear plastic top.

Reed plate provides music. Rubber

base. Bright metal foil pieces inside

catch eyes. 8-inch diameter. 10!1

inches high. A fun-filled gift.

49 N 615-Shpg. wt, 1 lb. 8 oz..... $1.39




New Mickey Mouse Boll. Any Mouse-

keteer with an ounce of bounce will

love this gift. Mickey's fun-loving face

is sculped in gay colors on the white

compound vinyl ball. Easy to wipe clean

with the swish of a damp cloth. 5!1-inch

diameter. Order now for Christmas.

49 N 4528-Shipping weight 12 oz........ 95c


Roly Poly. A jolly little clown, so


Push him over, he bobs right up again.

Colorful molded plastic wipes clean.

Smiling painted face. 7!1 inches high.

49 N 449Cf-Shipping weight 1 lb......... 95c



-the-Box. Jolly Jack

hides in his own house, plays hide–

and-go-seek with toddlers. Turn the

crank, " Pop Goes the Weasel" plays

merrily and up jumps Jack! He wears

a great big grin, looks bright as a cir–

cus poster. Metal box with gala circus

design. About 5% inches high overall.

49N 4571-Shpg. wt. 1lb.3 oz.. ..... $1.79


16-piece Block Set. Each clear plas-

tic block has an animal, house or

figure inside. Lightweight, easy for baby

to rattle. They float to make tubby-time

fun-time. Grooved sides for building.



/is in. square, sized just right for tiny

hands. Wipe clean with damp cloth.

49 N 475Cf-Shipping weight 8 ounces . . .. 92c


Talking Telephone Bonk says, "Oper-

ator, operator. Number please. What

number are you calling? Thank you, I

am ringing your number." Dial clicks

like a real phone. Tiny tots put their

money in the slots for nickels, dimes

and quarters-learn to be thrifty. Take

out disc in rear of telephone to remove

money. Black plastic. 9% inches high.

49 N 464Cf-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz....... $2.79


New Building Block Kit.

72 discs


make a 7-inch high pyramid.


with pictures of animals, numbers and

letters to build a 20-inch high tower

of learning.


the Cat

and the Fiddle hide in the middle



kegs that unscrew to form two halves.

Helps tots learn color matching and

hand co-ordination. Practically un–

breakable plastic in eye-bugging bright,

non-toxic colors. The ideal gift for tots.

49 N 4659-Shipping weight 1 pound... $2.75


Fill 'n' Ploy Milk Bottle. Fun for

playing "Fill the Bottle" at birth–

day parties. Tykes love to jiggle it.

Smooth, squeezy polyethylene quart

bottle is filled with colorful hardwood

clothes-pins. Plastic cap. Easy to keep

clean with a damp cloth. 14 inches high.

49 N 4529-Shipping weight 8 ounces.... 85c


New Peg Carry Kit. Four toys in one.


crayon board

with crayons for

budding artists, a



with pegs

and mallet for pounding pleasure. A


with chalk and eraser for

playing school. Plus




count and twirl. Compactfy designed

with room inside for all the accessories.

Sturdy wood kit has a handle for carry–

ing ease. About 16x12x2 l4 inches.

49 N 4658-Shipping weight 4 pounds.. $1.79


Thrifty Metal Telephone. Tots love to

play grown-up with a phone of their

very own. Official-sounding bell rings

when numbers are dialed. Spring-back

dial with letters, nos. 4;Ysx6% inches.

49 N 4754-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz......... 92c


NEW! A Bucket of Beads. As bright

and intriguing as Indian beads.

Baby loves to finger them when they're

strung together; tykes enjoy stringing

them in different patterns. 6!12-in. diam–

eter cardboard bucket is filled with big

wood beads from 1 to 1


in. high. In

war-paint bright colors; non-toxic. One

threading cord. Order now.

49N4660:-Shpg. wt. 1lb.4 oz....... $1.19


New Milk Carrier. Pint-size milkmen

love to deliver their own milk bot–

tles to Mom and pals. The six realistic

white bottles are fun to stack and then

replace in the gayly colored rack. All

wood with smoothly finished edges.

About 6;Ysx4%x6 inches.

49N 4657-Shpg. wt. I lb. 12 oz...... $2.15


20 Squeezy Blocks for Baby. Soft,

pliable vinyl plastic is easy to

squeeze, helps develop tiny hands. 1%

in. sq.Tare, easy to pick up. No sharp

edges, easy to wipe clean-just as safe

and sanitary as can be. Sweetly scented.

Dainty pastel colors. Embossed with

letters of the alphabet and numbers.

49 N 4538-Shipping weight 9 oz.... .. $1.85


Pyramid of Giant Jingle Blocks. Tots

build a 20!12-inch high tower with

these flexible plastic nesting blocks.

Jolly jingle bells inside make them fun

to rattle. Clock face on bottom block.

Others are decorated with nursery de–

signs, numbers and letters of the alpha–

bet. Smooth, safe, easy to keep clean

with a damp cloth. Bright colors.

49 N 4771-Shipping weight 14 oz..... $1.85


Happi-Time Wagon with 32 Blocks.

Two toys in one! 32 wood blocks for

building; a wagon for toting toys. Alpha–

bet-picture blocks have snug-fitting

grooves to keep towers from tumbling.



/is inchl's square with smoothly fin–

ished edges.


carnival-bright, non–

toxic colors. Sturdy all-steel wagon,

13!1x7x5% inches ajgh. 14-inch long

handle with big grip. Double-disc steel

wheels; swivel mounted front wheels.

49 N 4797-Shipping weight 3 lbs. 8 oz. $2.29


Push-Pull Toy. "Jingle-jangle" go the

wheels, whirly-twirly go the bright

balls. A delight -for both eye and ear.

Wood with metal wheels. 23 inches long.

49 N 5422-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 12 oz.... . ... 95c


Musical Sweeper makes it fun to be

tidy. Hear it hum a happy tune as

it rolls along.


really sweeps, too.

Wire-bound brush whisks dirt into dust

compartments. Metal with hardwood

sides. Rubber-tread wheels protect

floors. 8Yix3-in.


Order now.

49. N 1311-Shipping weight 3 pounds . . $2.12


New Mambo Duck. A ducky-wucky

waddler who wiggles along on off–

set wheels. He comes apart for extra

fun, is easy for little hands to assemble.

Smoothly-finished wood with no sharp

edges. Two changeable heads. Non–

toxic colors. 8 inches long. 5 inches high.

49N 5451-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz..... . .$1.89


Cheery Choo-Choo. Hear it choo-

choo ! Watch it wobble! This

Christmas-bright train with gay animal

"passengers" is sure to make your tiny

trainman giggle. Gay barnyard folk

are lithographed in non-toxic colors on

hardwood. 17 inches long.

49 N 5449-Shipplng weight 1


... $1.59