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41-pc. Set



Tinkertoys. Build a windmill that whirls, a

house, all sorts of wonderful structures. It's

easy, you build by color. Each length rod is a dif–

ferent color with diagrams to match. Smoothly

sanded birch pieces fit firmly together without

screws, nails or bolts. Easy to dismantle, use them

over and over. Harmless food coloring. Windlass

drive in 2 larger sets supplies operating power by

use of hand crank. In fiberboard storage tubes. The

larger the set, the greater variety of pieces for more

elaborate constructions. Directions included.


N 2261-The Prep. 78 pieces. For simple, basic building.

Still and action models. Shpg.


14 oz..



49 N 2262-The Major. 149 pieces. For still, action models.

Windlass drive included. Shpg. wt. I lb. 10 oz.. . . .. $1 .89


N 2263-The Grad. 215 pieces. For more complex models.

Windlass drive included. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 3 oz........ $2.89


Keys of Learning. Puzzle-fit toy to teach color

asso,iation and hand-eye co-ordination. Child

fits each of 6 blocks in correct nest, then inserts

proper color key in keyhole under same color block.

Each block rises when proper key


turned. Bright–

ly colored plastic. 16!1:! inches long. An educa–

tional gift, order now for Christmas.

49 N 4768-Shipping weight 2 pounds............. $2.75

New! Four Inlaid Robin Hood Puzzles 95c

See the exciting adventures of Robin Hood and his

Merrie Men spring to life as you put together these

new inlaid puzzles. Reproductions of actual color

photographs with every detail as clear as can be.

Heavy cardboard. Each puzzle 13Y:!x10% inches.

Fun for Robin Hood fans of any age, an ideal pas–

time for rainy days. Order now for Christmas.

49 N 4642-Shipping weight 2 pounds ................



New! Disney's Wood Nesting Blocks. These

8 big California redwood blocks make a

40!1:!-inch high tower! Paper covered with Disney's

favorite characters, gay sayings in very merry colors.

49 N 4638-Shipping weight 2 pounds 12 oz.. . . .. ... $3.69


New Toke-Apart Roly Poly. It's fun to watch him

bob about, then take him apart to see how he is

made. Easy to put together. A merry little hat

perches atop his comic head. All wood in brilliant

toyland colors. 9x5x5 inches.

49 N 4625-Shipping weight I pound 10 ounces ..... $1.&5


Imported Musical Roly Poly. Hear his tubby

tinkle as you try to push him down. A real clown

dressed in bright colors with imitation hair. 1SY:!

in. Composition. From Western Germany.

49 N 4541-Shipp!ng weight 4 po.11.nds. ... . . ... .... $1 .98


New Educational Blocks like those used in kinder-

gartens everywhere. Different sizes and shapes

let child express his imagination in building houses,

bridges, make-believe structures. Lightweight,

smoothly sanded pine. Big, 1


inches thick. The

more blocks, the more fun--order both sets.

49 N 4664-41-piece Set. Shpg.


11 lbs......... $4.89

49 N 4663-22-piece Set. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs... . • . . . . . 2.89



Mickey Mouse Club Puzzles 95c

Blackboard, Peg Boord, Desk-all in one!


The top


a blackboard for scribbling and drawing; lift

it up, and there's a 130-hole


board. Just push the

color-bright wood pegs in the holes to make all kinds of

fascinating designs. 12xl 8-inch blackboard top flips

completely forward, won't fall on busy little hands.

Steady, wide-spread legs. Waxed wood. 9x5Y:!-inch seat.

25Yix20Y:! inches high overall. Chalk, eraser incl.

49N 1726-Easy to assemble. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs. . .. ...•..... $4.49

25-pc. Snap Train Track Set


Gather 'round, Mouseketeers, here are puzzles created just

for you. See Mickey Mouse and his pals caper in full color

as you fit the pieces together. Each of these inlaid puzzles

has a permanently fastened border and big, precision-cut

pieces-it's easy for the littlest Mouseketeer to put them

together. Extra-heavy cardboard lithographed in gay colors.

Each puzzle about 8


xi I inches.

Fun to put together and take apart, ideal for

tots. Snaps on each of the 5 cars makes them

easy to couple and uncouple. 34-inch track

layout with ramp and blocks can be arranged

in different ways. Smoothly finished hardwood.

49 N 4665-Shipping weight 2 pounds......... $2'.69

49 N 4655-Shipping weight 2 pounds. .. . .... ...•... . . . .....