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Tots Love Bouncy, Inflatable "Trigger"

He's as well trained and easy to ride as Roy

Rogers' own horse, he's the ideal "first" horse

for wee westerners. "Trigger" is made of tough

vinyl plastic to endure roughest rides on the

nursery range or sandy beach. He says "Squeak!

Squeak!" as he bounces along. Realistic palo–

mino color with blue, white and red trim. Easy to

keep sparkling clean with just a swish of a damp

cloth. 21x12x23 inches high overall. Easy to in–

flate. Order now for a merry Christmas.

49 N 7505-Shipping weight I pound 4 ounces ...... $1.89

Children love their own furniture and Sears has a

large selection


See pages in this section

Honk! Honk! Here Comes Gertie Goose!


She's flown all the way from Mother Goose

just to play with you. It's fun to honk her

horn as you "fly" along. Yellow molded plastic

body is 18


inches long, 9


inches from floor.

Rubber-tired steel wheels. Gay red trim.

49 N 7545-Shipping weight 4 pounds 8 ounces. ....$4.98

Spotty, the Gentlest Pony in Our Stable


Only four inches from the floor, so low your

creeping tot can mount him and climb off

without help. Comfy back support, hand holds.

Joyous jingle bell. Smoothly sanded wood with

bright enamel finish. 19 inches long; 7 inches

wide. Easy to assemble. A thrifty gift.

49 N 7511-Shipping weight 4 pounds. .... . ...... $2.49






Ride a pony, twirl on the merry-go-round .. all aboard for fun!




Happi-Time Spring Horse for Santos on a budget.

This gleaming white stallion bounces, trots and

lopes on four high-tempered steel springs. Rigid steel

s11pports join his plastic body to the husky hard wood

frame. White body with red saddle and frame; blue

eyes and grips. 7






inches long in–

cluding legs. 1972 inches high to saddle. 3172x19>i–

inch frame. For children from 1 to 7.


N 07512L-Easv to assemble. Shipping weight 14 pounds.$9.95


Our Besi,


Biggest Spring Horse. A wide, safety-

designed frame of one-inch chrome-plated steel

keeps buckaroos steady in the saddle as this palomino

bounces, trots and lopes on four high-tempered steel

springs. His full-molded body is made of high-impact

Tenite® plastic that takes rough round-ups right in

stride without chipping or cracking. Brown saddle

with glittering gold-color trim. Body about 36 inches

long. 23 inches high to saddle. Frame about 39 inches

long, 27 inches wide. For children from 2 to 7. Easy

to assemble.


N M7546-Freight, express or truck. Shpg. wt. 21 lbs. ..$26.95


Corral the Black Stallion! He's the biggest spring

horse we've ever sold at this low price. His full–

formed body measures 35


inches from his proud

head to his flowing tail-he's a


in any rodeo.·

A spirited steed, he bounces, gallops and lopes on

four high-tempered steel springs. Molded of chip and

crack-resistant plastic that v,,;thstands bronco-busting

rides. 2172 inches high to his built-in yellow saddle.

Hardwood frame about 36x20 inches wide. For

children from 1 to 7. Easy to assemble.


N M7506-·Freight, express or truck. Shpg. wt. 24 lbs.. .$17.95




Best Merry-Go-Round. Bring the color,

the thrills, the enchantment of the carnival into

your home with a gift all of your children will enjoy.

Each child has his own horse as he gallops away with

the group. A single child can operate it, yet it's sturdy

enough to hold extra riders on its hardwood-braced

marine plywood floor. So perfectly balanced, a push

of the toe keeps it spinning merrily for minutes; easy–

moving ball-thrust bearings are the secret of its quiet,

smooth ride.

Four 37>i-inch long ponies are so sleek and finely

formed they look hand-carved; they're molded of

high-impact Tenite® plastic, the most chip and

crack-resistant plastic used for toy horses. Big, built–

in saddles are comfort-shaped for young riders; 20

inches from floor. Horses are supported by angle iron

braces. Husky 1%-inch tubular steel center post. 52

inches high overall. 1272-inch high platform revolves

in 6-ft. circle. Fun in the basement, playroom, garage

or yard. Rust-resistant metal parts. High gloss out–

door enamel finish on platform keeps it new looking.

Easy to assemble.

Only $12.00 down on Easy Terms.


N MT7570-Freight, express or truck. Wt. 120 lbs...$119.00


"Clippity.clop, clippity-clop." Here comes Mobo,

the walking horse,


the way from England. This

marvelous steed of steel really walks! Make'Mobo go

straight ahead, turn left or right or travel in circles–

just a little extra pressure on the stirrups makes him

bead in the direction you want to go. Fun to ride, the

wheels hidden under Moho's hooves travel smoothly

over the floor. Steering can be locked to make Moho

move straight ahead, easier for tiny rangers to ride.

Stirrups adjust to fit children from two to eight years

of age. 27-inch long body with palomino enamel fin–

ish. 12 inches wide. 19 inches high to saddle. As–

sembled except for stirrups.


N M7571-Freight, express or truck. Shpg. wt. 30 lbs..$19.95


New Spring Horse designed especially



cowpokes from 1 to 3 years of age. All the fun of

bouncing, galloping and loping on big steel springs,

but lower and smaller for the comfort and safety of

tots. Fully-molded 24-incb long body of high-impact

Tenite®. 1672 in. high to saddle. Hardwood frame;

30 in. x 1472 in. Easy to assemble.


N 07547-Shipping weight 12 pounds..

.. . .$8.95


New! It's "Trigger," recommended by Roy Rogers

for rangers from 2 to 7 years of age. Big steel

springs for a lively ride; .a low, steady frame of heavy

chrome-plated steel for safety. Designed by a famous

animal sculptor, "Trigger"





on our ranch. Every graceful detail of a live, gallop–

ing horse is captured in his action-poised body.

Molded of rubber over a steel frame he looks and

feels just like a real horse-you can even squeeze his

nose! 22 inches high to saddle. 3272-inch long body.

Frame is about 39 inches long and 21 inches wide.

79N07523-Eosy to assemble. Shipping weight 20 pounds.$22.50


New! Jenny the Giraffe rocks over hill and dale

to delight tots from 1 to 5 years of age. Designed

by a famous animal sculptor, realistically detailed

from her perky ears i:o her frolicsome legs. ]'.folded

rubber body over a steel frame. 16 inches high to big,

comfortable saddle. Chrome-plated % -inch tubular

steel base about 3372x2472 inches. Center post ad–

justs to 3 heights. 21 -inch long body. Easy to assemble.


N 07584-Shipping weight 13 pounds...

. ..$12.95


Hoppi-Time Rocking Horse for children from 1 to 6

years of age. White plastic bod.y; 2272 inches long.

Red, blue trim. 27-inch long red hardwood rockers, a

full size pony. Easy to assemble.


N 07544-Shipping weight



. .$5.98


New Wheel Pony rolls along turning his head from

side to side. Striped legs spin, bells jingle. Bright

colors. vVood and steel. 10


inches to seat. 20 inches

long overall. Rubber-tired wheels.

49 N 7581-Eosy to assemble. Shipping weight 6 pounds .$3.79

Just Ducky for Toddlers!


New! He bobs to and fro as

calmly as a real duck paddling

on a pond. Low and wide, ea'¥ to

ride and mount. Masonite Presd–

wood and hardwood with smooth

edges. Wood hand grips. 29 72x

12Yzx21 in. high.



gay colors. Easy to assemble.

A Pony for Diapered Dudes


Pony-Boy gives a sootl1ing rock-

a-bye ride. High sides, wide

seat keep cowpokes snug in the

saddle. Hardwood seat, footrest,

tray. Rounded edges for safety.

Five gay colors hand-screened on

sides. 30).-'2x12x18 inches high

overall. Easy assembly.

New! Chuggy the Choo Choo


Hear its cheery chug-chug

sound as it rocks down the

mainline. It's built wide and low

for gentle rides. High sides and

wide seat. Hardwood seat, foot–

rest, tray. Smooth edges.



colors. 31




in. high.

Easy to assemble. Priced low.


N 07566-Shpg. wt. 7 lbs......$5.79


N 07548-Shpg. wt. 8 lbs......$4.98


N 07583-Shpg. wt. 10 lbs..... $5.69

Sinart Santos use Sears Easy Terms, pay only


down an orders of $20 or more.




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