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appliances to make playtime housekeeping more fun!


30-pc. Aluminum Cook, Bake Set. 3 tier

cake pans (5 to 2)1 in.), muffin pan,

double boiler with cover, 4%-in. square

cake pan, sauce pan, tube cake pan, 2

cookie sheets, loaf pan, pie pan, bowl, 2

canisters with lids, cutters, spoons, etc.

49 N 913-Shipping weight l pound ....... $1.85


28-pc. large Size, Heavy Gauge Alumi-

num Bake Set. One 2-qt. mixing bowl,

SYa-in. pie plate, two 7\4-in. cake pans,

muffin pan, 8-oz. measuring cup, sugar

sifter, decorator and six tips, two 8)1x11-in.

cookie sheets, spoons, turners, cutters.

49 N 925-Recipe book. Wt. 2 lbs. 2 oz..... $3. l



Dolly"s Complete laundry Set. Rub-a-dub-

dub ... wash dolly clothes, easy as can be.

Just turn the washer handle, cups inside glass

tub swish up and down. Rinse out in rinsing

tub, run through adjustable wringer, hang on

9 inch revolving dryer with pins.

49 N 1005-Shipping weight 3 pounds ..... . ... $1.69


20-pc. Toy Baking Set. Wood rolling pin,

plastic scoop and cake knife, metal egg

beater, 5 cookie cutters, pie plate, 4 baking

pans, measuring spoon, canister, funnel, whip–

per, plastic scale with 4 weights, recipe booklet,

apron. Order a toy stove from facing page.

49 N 867-Shipping weight 14 ounces... .

. .$1 .00

51-pc. Aluminum Set with Percolator $1.85


24-pc. Toy Plastic Tableware Set. Like

[] 8-pc. Copper-bottom Set. Stainless steel. 1-

Little percolator really perks ... has sieve-type coffee basket, lid

with glass inset. Sturdy, rust-resistant aluminum. Plates, saucers

embossed with Bo-Peep decorations. All edges smoothly turned.

Set includes: 6 each of plates, saucers, sauce dishes, cups, knives,

forks, spoons, paper napkins, 1 each snack bowl with cover,

water pitcher, sugar bowl, creamer, 6-in. round tray.

Mother's everyday set. Set includes: 6

each knives, forks, spoons, plated napkin

rings. Bright red plastic handles, silver-like

cutlery. Spoons, 4Ya inches long; forks,



/ts inches long; knives, SYs inches long.

cup size sauce pan with lid, hamburger–

size frying pan,. 3Ys-in. aluminum teakettle

with whistle and trigger-action spout, pan–

cake turner, spoon and spatula. Black com–

position handles. Stainless steel wall bracket.

49 N 866-Shipping weight l lb. 8 oz...... $1


49 N 1256-Shipping weight 2 pounds......... $4.49

49 N 902-Plates 4V2 in. in diam., others in proportion. Shpg. wt. I lb. $1.85

Miniature Steel Kitchen

Refrigerator, washing machine, sink, stove. Broom

closet, wall cabinets with plastic griddle, pressure


ice trays, etc. Working parts.

Dishes, tableware for 3.


N 01105-25V2x5V.xllo/4 in. Shpg. wt.7 lbs..... $2.88






Toy Electric Washer


Battery-operated, actually washes.

Metal agitator, on-off switch at

side. Clear plastic lid. Moves on roller

bearings. Hand cranked wringer, safe

rubber rollers. White, red trim. 7x

12\4-in. high. Batteries not included.



1003-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs........ . .$5.29

34N4650-Botteries. Wt. 8 oz.. .. 2 for 27c

Toy Ironing Board, Cover


Ironing Board. 8x30-in. perfo–

rated steel top. Steel legs fold.


N 01002-22 in. high. Wt.4 lbs... $2.19


Ironing Board Pad, Cover. Cotton.

Fits any 27 to 30-in. board.

49 N 1008-Shpg. wt. 4 oz.. . .

. .79c

Combination-2 Items Above.

79 N 01021-Shpg. wt.



Toy Electric Iron


Really heats to iron dolly's

dainty dresses. Chrome-plated

hood, cast metal base. Black Bake–

lite handle. 614 inches long. 20-

watt. UL approved. 110-120 volt,

60-cycle AC. Order ironing board

and pad at left.

49 N 1018-Shpg. wt. l lb. 2 oz... $2.39