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She'll set the table with play dishes, home-made

goodies and delicious fruit drinks


New 17-piece "Moss Rose" Tea Set.

A real china ·service for four that's

sure to be admired by all her little

friends. Delicate rosebud pattern on

white with gold color inner band and

rims. The daintiest dishes to set before

any little queen .. 4 plates, 4 saucers,

4 cups, creamer, teapot and sugar

bowl with covers. Plates are 6



diameter, saucers



other pieces in proportion.


from Japan.

Teach her early in life to

appreciate the beauty of fine things.

49 N 803-Shipping wt. 4 lbs. 15 oz•.$3.39


Russel Wright Am erican Modern Teo

Service fo r 6. Especially created

to delight modern little misses by lead–

ing designer Russel Wright. Strong

plastic in modern, mottled, pottery

colors. 6 each of plates, cups, saucers,

knives, forks, spoons, napkins. 6 clear

goblets with etched-type design.

Creamer, teapot and sugar bowl with

covers. Turned-edge plates 67.(-in.

diam., other pieces in proportion.

49 N 851-Shpg.


2 lbs. 4 oz......$3.89


Beautiful 2B-piece Imported China

Set. Young hostesses love these

real china dishes 'cause they're so like

mom's. Dainty floral pattern as pretty

as a picture on each piece. 6 plates, 6

cups, 6 saucers. Teapot, sugar bowl,

casserole, with covers. Creamer,

platter, vegetable dish and gravy boat.

Plates measure 4)1 inches in diameter,



inches in diameter, other

pieces in proportion.

Imported from


A gift she'll treasure for years.

It's just what she wanted from Santa.

49 N 842-Shipping wt.


lbs. 8 oz....$2.79


54-pc. Tea Set. 42 pieces of unbreak-

able plastic dinnerware, plus 6 tum–

blers and 6 sherbets of hard, clear plas–

tic. Service for 6 in white and blue

pattern, lacework rims. 6 each plates,

saucers, cups, knives, forks, spoons,

napkins. Teapot, cover, sugar bowl,

creamer, butter and cake knives. Plates

6-in., other pieces in proportion.

49 N 855-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.•..........$3.89

49 N 856-36-pc. Set for 4. As obovo but no

butter or coke knife. Wt. 1 lb. 10 oz....$2.98

All Ne"w .• Famous Brand Name Mix Sets for making party goodies

Sets include everything your petite pastry cook needs to make delicious pan–

cakes, cornbread, cakes, puddings, and other delightful tea time treats. She

just adds water or milk to the tasty mixes and follows simple directions in the

recipe book. All the utensils she needs are included .. no more using Mom's.


Big 62-piece Food Mix Set with 33

name brand mixes. 8 Swansdown

cake mixes, 2 Aunt Jemima pancake

mixes, 6 Flake mixes, 12 Junior Chef

pudding mixes and frostings, bottle

Log Cabin syrup, 4 packages Chef

Boy-ar-dee pizza pie ingredients. 29

utensils, including 2 each cake pans,

pie tins, cookie sheets, spoons, bowls.

Decorator with 3 nozzles, 7 cookie

cutters, pancake grill, turner, rolling

pin, muffin tin, funnel, eggbeater,

pizza pan, bread pan, recipe book.

49 N 1279-Shpg.


4 lbs. 8 oz•.....$5.98

49 N 1264-Set of 8 refills. Wt. 12 oz.... 89c


New 26-piece Dunk-'n'-Drink Set

with 24 bags (12 boxes) of assorted

fruit flavors. Just steep a bag in cold

water to make and serve delicious tea–

party "punch." One bag makes 4 cups.

White plastic tea service with dainty

decoration: teapot with cover and 4

each cups, saucers, spoons.

49 N 1282-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz......$2.89

49N 1299-8 Fruit-T refills. Wt. 12 oz...95c


44-piece Mix Set. with 21 name

brand mixes and bottle of Log

Cabin syrup. 4 Swansdown cake

mixes, 2 AuntJemima pancake mixes,


lJunior Chef pudding and decorator

mixes, 4 different Flake mixes. 22

utensils, sized right for little hands:

2 cake pans, 7 various cookie cutters,

decorator and 3 nozzles. A pie tin,

bread tin, spoon, cookie sheet, rolling

pin, muffin tin, pancake grill, turner,

funnel, recipe book. A set to keep her

happy right until she grows up.

49 N 1280-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. .........$3.98

49 N 1264-Set of 8 refills. Wt. 12 oz.... 89c


22-piece Set. with


name brand

mixes. 2 Swansdown cake mixes, 2

Aunt Jemima mixes, 4 Flako mixes, 3

Junior Chef frosting, and pie filling

mixes. 10 utensils: 2 each cake pans,

cookie cutters. Muffin tin, pie tin,

bread pan, cookie sheet, rolling pin,

spoon, recipe book.

49N 1281-Shpg. wt. I lb. 8 oz......$1.89

49 N 1264-Set of 8 refills. Wt. 12 oz... 89c

Blue Willow Pattern Tea Service .. 26-piece imported china set

She'll set such a lovely table with her real china Blue Willow Tea Service for 6.

And won't she be thrilled to tell her friends that its beautiful design has been a

favorite since great-grandmother's day? Imported from Japan, this dainty set

includes 6 cups, saucers, and plates. Casserole, teapot and sugar bowl with

covers, platter, and creamer. Perfectly sized for miniature hands and fingers.

Plates are


inches, other pieces in proportion. Fine quality at a budget price.

49 N 827-Shpg.


3 lbs. 8 oz.......... . ...................................$1.79

A Bright 28-piece Teo Service

for gay little hostesses. Litho–

graphed metal in red and

white plaid with cute puppy

dog design. Set includes 6

plates, cups, saucers, butter

plates. 8x10-inch tray, sugar

bowl, creamer, teapot. 4Ys–

inch plates, other pieces in

proportion. Unbreakable.

49 N 907-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.98c

Rich-looking Ruby-lone Plastic Service for 4.

Modern design in rich ruby hue for up-to–

the-minute misses. Strong plastic set includes

4 each plates, cups, saucers, napkins, silver–

color plastic knives, forks and spoons. Teapot

and cover, sugar bowl, creamer. 4 sparkling

clear plastic goblets complete the set. Plates

are 6Ys inch in diameter, other pieces in

proportion. Just watch her eyes light up when

she sees this elegant service.

49 N 809-Shipping· weight 1 lb. 8 oz.........$2.09

No Modern Miss travels without a Vanity Kit

Beautiful, expensive-looking, padded qu.ilted vinyl

plastic Vanity Case, that looks just like mom's. Packed

full of harmless cosmetics and prettying-up aids that

keep her lovely at home or traveling. Ideal for "dressing

up" games . . perfect for keeping her out of mom's

cosmetics. Case is 9J.2x4




A Newr33-piece Formula Set for Dolly!

All New 23-piece ·Doll-E-La yette Set

49 N 1308-Shipping weight 1 pound ............ , ... .



Everything dolly needs at feeding time! 6 com–

plete Evenflo unbreakable polyethylene nursing

bottles with caps, sealing discs and nipples. One

each all metal sterilizer and cover in blue enamel

finish, plastic funnel, measuring cup and spoon,

box of Vel, tongs, bottle brush, bottle rack.

49 N 1286-Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz•............$1.89

Pink Plastic basket with blue metal handles and fiber–

board lid. 2 each Chix diapers, bottles, nipples, discs,

caps, spoons. Feeding dish, cup, funnel, nylon bristle

brush, rattle, co;nb, bib, washcloth, soap, baby powder.

49 N 1294-Bosket 13"%x9:Y. in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.............$3.85


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