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when she rolls along in her Happi-Time buggy or

stroller, with luggage of her very own




Buggy grows up with little "mother."

as chrome-plated handle adjusts

from 28 in. to 31 in. high. Sturdy wash–

able leatherette body in cherry red with

off-white quilted plastic trim. Large

2U-in. plated snap-on hub caps. Half

draft rail on full folding steel frame. 4-

bow folding hood with sun visor. Full

shackle-type Duchess gear for floating–

smooth rides. 7Yz-in. wire spoke wheels;

rubber tires. Footbrake.


in. deep plus 3-inch toe extension. Doll

not included.


N 08254L-Shipping weight 11 lbs..... $9.98


Our Finest Doll Stroller forms bed for

dolly's nap time.Just lower seat, lift

footrest. Seat, back of body cushioned.

Removable cotton-fringed ca nopy.

Laminated vinyl body and canopy,

· ivory-colored inside, aqua (blue-green)

exterior. Chrome-plated handle 29 in.

high. Plated wire footrest. Fully folding

steel frame. Rubber tires. Brake. Seat


inches, back 9 inches high. Doll

not included.

49 N 8267-Shipping weight 9 lbs.......$8.89


Imported English Doll Pram has

sturdy heavy gauge steel body. Plas–

tic-covered wood draft rail. Flexible

springs give a cushiony ride. 10-in. wire

spoke wheels roll easily on



tires. 4-bow plastic hood folds. Gray

plastic storm curtain. Folding handle,

28 in. high. Size: 24xl 1%x8


in. deep.

Accessory space inside. Blue body,

white frame, gray trim.

79 N OB268L-Shipping weight 25 lbs....$20.95


Woven Fiber Buggy has fancy 3-color

design on loom-woven fiber with

braid trim, enameled white. 5-in.

stamped spoke wheels; %-in. rubber

tires. Aluminum-color steel frame. Re–

versible hood. Tubular steel handle 23

in. high.



49 N 8245-Shipping weight


lbs....... $5.98

[) Newl 20-in. Folding Doll Buggy with

saucy 3-bow "Sunbonnet" hood.

Embossed weave design on vinyl body

and hood in harmonizing mottled gray

and medium blue. Steel frame. Chrome–

plated steel handle 24 in. high. 5-in.

wheels; Y2-in. rubber tires. Push-on hub

caps, brake. 20x9x7 inches deep.

49 N 8252-Shipping weight


lbs...... .



Our lowest Priced Doll Buggy. Wash-

able red vinyl body, white trim.

Steel frame; 3-bow hood folds. Vs-in.

rubber tires. Handle 21 inches high. 17x

7Y2x5 inches deep.


N 8231-Shipping weight 3 lbs.......$2.98


22-in. Folding Doll Buggy has smart

new "Sunbonnet" 3-bow folding

hood. Turquoise blue embossed vinyl

body trimmed with salt and pepper

gray vinyl. Chrome-plated steel handfr


in. high. Smooth-riding shackle–

type Duchess gear. Alummum color

steel frame. 6Y2-in. wire spoke wheels,


rubber tires. 2.V.-in. snap-on hub

caps. Footbrake. Size

22x10x8 ~


deep plus 3-inch toe extension.

79 N 08253-Shipping weight


lbs.. ....$7.98


Our Finest He>ppi-Time Doll Carriage.

Chromed handle adjusts 26Y2 te> 32

in. high to add years of fun . Gold-color

thread design highlights turquoise blue

embossed vinyl; off-white quilted plas–

tic trim. Half draft rail. Folding steel

frame, aluminum color. 87:1-in. wire

spoke wheels, %;-in. rubber tires. Full

shackle-type Duchess gear. 13}ix! Ox

26%;-in. Jong plus 3-in. toe extension.

Kleenex and bottle in pocket.

79 N 08255L-Shipping weight 15 lbs.... $14.98


Lorge Folding Doll Stroller. Seat

7x9x10 in. high, large removable ny–

lon-fringed canopy, shopping bag. Em–

bossed design on blue quilted plastic

body and canopy; interior blue and

white. Chrome-plated steel arms, han–

dle. Aluminum-color hardboard foot–

rest. 6-in. wire spoke wheels, )1-in. rub–

ber tires. Brake. Handle 29 inches high.


N 08241-Shipping weight




Newl Colorful Folding Stroller with

removable canopy and shopping bag,

4 play beads, 2 jingle bells. Cherry red

vinyl seat trimmed in white. Red, white

and black striped canopy, shopping bag.

Chrome-plated steel handle 23)1 in.

high. Rubber tires. Footrest. Seat 9)1x

8x7 in. high. A delightful gift.

49 N 8260-Shipping weight






Shopping Cart. Over 25 l:lrand pack-

ages, tray, play beads. White steel

frame, red plastic seat. Wire basket

20xl 1


in. higb.


in. handle.

79N 08250L-Rubber tires. Shpg. wt.


lbs. $4.29


Folding Stroller. Removable shopping

bag. Blue vinyl; steel frame. Seat

10x9x5)1 in. deep. Handle 24 in. high.

49 N 8257-Shipping weight 6 lbs....... $3.29


Metal Walker. Play tray, beads. Bx

12-in. body. Handle 22),2 in. high.

49 N 8200-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs . . . ......$2.20


Metal Stroller. Bright trim, smooth

edges. Seat 8

~x7 ~x5

in. deep. Safe–

ty strap. Handle


inches high.

49 N 8256-Shipping weight 3 lbs....... $1.98


Quilted Comforter and

Pillow Set of rayon sat–

in. Little "mothers" love

the ruffled edges. Flowered

design on pink 1 side.

Other side solid pink.

Comforter 14xl 9 inches,

pillow 8x5 inohes.

49N8266-Shpg. wt. 10 oz.$1.89

@New! Fitted Doll Cose

matches doll trunk (R).


in. Large plastic

comb, brush, vanity mir–

ror. Wood frame, fiber–

board covered with plastic–

coated paper. Silver color

starburst liner.


New I Doll-Size Hot Bo>

Dolly's extra bonnets

travel in smart plaid box.

\.Yater-resistant. Fiber-·

board covered with plas–

tic-coated paper. Plastic

binding. Brass hasp, plas–

tic handle. 7 Y2x8)1x3U in.

49N9266-Shpg. wt.12 oz. 95c


N 9249-Wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz.$2.59

Modern Vanity and Matching Stool for very young ladies

Your little lady learns good grooming while playing grown-up, sitting at

her own vanity table. Attractive modern design that combines stain-re–

sistant colored plastic with black wrought metal. Vinyl-upholstered stool.

Dainty scroll trim on mirror and front table !\:gs. Cosmetics not included.

Table top 12x24x21 in. high. Stool 12Y2 in. high.

79 N 01231 K-Shipping weight 24 pounds.

. . .... ... ...... .... .$10.89

Trunks and Luggage for globe-trotting dolls


Lorge Wood Frame Trunk to pack

dolly's wardrobe for trips or stor–



in. 19-in. long in–

side. Fiberboard-covered with plas–

tic-coated paper simulates leather–

ette; water resistant. Metal corners,

2 brass snaps. Smart silver color

starburst lining, blue trim. Drawer,

sliding hanger bar, 2 plastic hangers.

49 N 9221-Shipping weight 4 lbs....$3.89


Young Artist's Tra vel Case. New I

Draw pictures on white metal

liner inside lid; wipe clean with

cloth for future drawings. Colorful

cartoon character on cover in

flocked felt. Wood frame, red plas–

tic-coated paper on fiberboard cov–

er. Brass hasp, plastic handle. 3 col–

oring books, 8 colored crayons in–

cluded. Size


in. deep.

49 N 9229-Shipping wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz..$2.75


New I Our Best Doll luggage Set.

Gold-color initials to mono–

gram both cases. Smart natural

rawhide · color. Water-resistant

plastic-coated fiberboard with

plastic-coated paper lining. Over–

night case has wood frame. Hat–

box 10x4 }<,l in. deep; case



in. Plastic handles.


N 9265-Shipping wt. 4 lbs..... $5.59


Metal-Over-Wood Trunk.

Wood frame covered with stur–

dy metal, lithographed in pink;

,..,·hite trim. Silver-color starbui-st

lining. Metal corners, 2-snap lock.

Metal slide bar, plastic hangers.


in. Travel stickers


49 N 9241-Shipping wt. 9 lbs.....$5.85


N 9263-10x6x6-in. Trunk. As above,

but blue; block trim. 1hasp, Wt. 4 lbs.$2.75


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