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larger models


with larger sets

31 4-piece set


American Plastic Brick Sets .. complete with transparent plastic windows

Design and build modern buildings with brilliant red plastic bricks. Mom and Dad

can be the consulting architects as the young builders create and erect structures of all

kinds. Modern plastic jalousie picture windows are transparent; doors actually open

and close. Pegs and sockets make 1%-inch bricks fit securely. Green cardboard simu–

lated asphalt roof. Larger sets build bigger, more intricate models. All sets, except

4.9N2067, have overhead garage doors. Instructions.

Original "Hewn" American Log Sets .. miniatures of pioneer logs

Make detailed miniatures of rough-cut, square-timbered buildings of the

pioneers. Full % -inch hewn, square-cut logs are interlocking-move as a

unit without dismantling. No tools or glue needed. Sturdy wood is stained a

natural log color with splinter-free edges. Each set packed in compact storage

tube. Square logs of assorted lengths, roof planking, chimmey and split logs

for firm foundations. Interchangeable pieces in all sets.


N 2067-208-piece set in cardboard tube. Shipping weight 2 pounds 3 ounces..

. .


49 N 2062- 54-piece set. Tube, 12x4-in. diameter. Shpg. wt. I lb. 8 oz........... 95c

49 N 2063-103-piece set. Tube, 13


-in. diameter. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 14 oz....



49 N 2064-211-piece set. Tube, 13V. x7:Y. -in. diameter. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs..... .




2068-290-piece set in cardboard tube. Shipping

weight 2







2069-450-piece set in cardboard tube. Shipping weight






2301-591-piece set


paper carton. Shipping weight


pounds. . ...

. . . . . . . . . . .


49N 2065-314-piece set. Tube, 19V.x7:Y.-in. diameter. Shpg. wt. 9 lbs....... . .. 5.69


252 •







Helmet and Shoulder


Pod Set


Roy Rogers

Sport Kit


Thrill-packed Sports Toys to build sturdy physiques for active young athletes


New! Volley B"all Set. Here's a sport

every member of the family will enjoy.

Play it in your own back yard-and

don't forget to take it with you on family

outings and picnics. Two 7-ft. hardwood



inch in diameter, each pole in


sections; metal ferrule; four ground pegs;

white molded rubber ball; cord net, 20

in. deep by 18 ft. long, with tie ropes.

Instruction book included. Keep young–

sters strong and healthy by encouraging

them to play outdoors.

79 N 02414- Shipping- weight 6 pounds.. $5.98


Jumbo Jump Stick. 49!1.! inches long.

Strong, rustproof, lightweight alumi–

num tube. Slip-resistant footrest. Oil–

tempered spring. Longwearing hard

rubber tio.

79 N 02456-Shipping weight


pounds... $5.95

[]] Our Best Jump Stick. Chrome-plated

tubular steel.



calibrated and adjustable for different

weights. Steel step plates. Rubber tip,

anti-skid bottom. 41 inches high; 1lx2

inches at step plate.

79N 02458l- Shipping weight 7 pounds..$9.49


Fine Quality Basketball Set. Large

size basketball and rugged steel

reinforced hoop. Can be used outdoors

or indoors. 16-inch round !4-inch steel

hoop has heavy braced steel bracket

that also screws to wall. Regulation

size ball of Peb-Tex simulated leather.

Shipped laced, ready to inflate. Needle

incl. Heavy cord net. It's perfect for fun–

filled practice sessions after school hours.

And, it costs so little for the hours of

entertainment it gives the kiddies.

49 N 2493- Shipping weight 4




Newl Football Helmet and Shoulder

Pad Set. Your pint-sized half-back

will beam with pride in this realistic

football outfit. Helmet molded of extra

heavy, red high-impact plastic. Fits

sizes to 6Ys in. Leather piece protects

forehead; 4-point web suspension. Ad–

justable snap-on, aviator-type leather

chin strap. Pad set has corrugated

shoulder caps. Leather hinges, quilted

cotton padding. Cotton laces, elastic

arm straps. Order football. facing page.

49 N 2419- Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz. Set $:1.98


New! Ball-ringing Basketball Set. Bell

rings when player sinks a shot. Door

hanger adjusts to "little tots" height.

12-inch metal hoop with mesh net. 7-

inch diameter basketball with Peb–

Tex simulated leather cover, valve-type

bladder. Shipped uninflated; inflation

needle included. Develop the skill of

the prospective basket,ball player in

your family with this inexpensive set

that will give youngsters year around

exercise and entertainment.


N 2426-Shpg. wt. I lb. 4 oz... .. .. $1.98


Roy Rogers Sport Kit. All-season kit

contains a ball for each major sport

- basketball, football, baseball. Each is

decorated with emblem of Roy Rogers

and his horse, Trig_ger. 6Y.! -inch di–

ameter molded rubber basketball with

valve, 8-inch white molded football with

valve, 2YI-inch solid sponge rubber

baseball, and plastic whistle. Carrying

case. Inflated. Develop kiddies' interest

and skill in these popular sports- order

early for Christmas.

49 N 2438- Shpg. wt. I lb. 12 oz... .. .. $2.59