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Ha ppi-Time "Do-it-yourself" Tool Kit

New! Full size template to paste in box

showing proper location of each tool.

Steel cabinet hangs on wall. Includes 2


chisels; 2 screw-drivers; coping saw

with 6 blades, 8-oz. claw hammer with

adz-eye,• saw with 13%-in. crosscut

blade, open-end 3-pc. wrench set. Slip–

joint pliers of forged steel. Hand drill

with 9 twist drills from



to !4-in. size.

Stamped steel block plane, 12-in. wood

level. Metal T-square, 12-in. wood rule.

Carpenter's pencil, workbook. Steel cabi–

net, 18xl 8 in. open; enameled blue.

49 N 1504-Shpg. wt. 8 lbs. 8 oz..... Kit $8.79


Happi-Time Economy Tool Kit

Our lowest-priced tool kit, now with 101-2-

in. brace and bit. The right size kit for

the apprentice carpenter.



teaches him the proper use of tools. Steel

box is enameled red-measures 16!4x

8!4x2% in. Set includes saw with 11-in.

blade; 5-oz. claw hammer with adz-eye,*

metal T-square, 2 screwdrivers, slip-joint

pliers, 3-piece wrench set, %-in. chisel,

block plane, carpenter's pencil, 12-in.

rule and workbook.

49 N 1503-Shpg. wt. 6 lbs. 8 oz...... Kit $4.98

*Tapered and wedged to prevent hammer head

from coming off

One door Iifts off



as tote troy


has handle

Our Best Happi-Time Tool Set .. now with tote tray door


Carry tools from job to job. One door lifts off to become a handy

tote tray with handle. Full scale template to paste in box marking

location of tools when not in use. Gray enameled all-steel wall cabinet

contains 3 wood chisels .. 1,




in., with high-impact plastic

handles; 1 large screwdriver, 1 "stubby" screwdriver-both with high–

impact plastic handles. 12-in. brace and auger bit, machined chuck.

Coping saw with blade that can be turned. 6 extra blades.

Hacksaw with replaceable 8Yz-in. blade, plastic handle. 8-oz. claw

hammer with adz-eye.* Saw with 2 interchangeable tempered steel

blades-15-in. crosscut and 131-2-in. keyhole blade. Open-end 3-piece

wrench set. Forged steel slip-joint pliers, 12-in. crowbar. Hand drill

with 2%-in. rim gear and 3-jaw knurled chuck to take up to !4-in.



twist drills from.



to !4 in. in plastic case. Stamped steel

block plane with tempered blade. 12-in. wood level. Metal T-square •

with double rule edge. 6-ft. folding rule. Pencil, workbook.

79N 01515-Cobinet 24x24 in. open. Shipping weight 16 lbs......... Set $13.95

New! Big work bench with metal vise


What finer encouragement can you give a

young craftsman than his own work–

bench? For those special jobs, he needs a

workbench \\ith plenty of space. Big 32Y.!x

l6Y.!-i11ch top gives him the elbow room he

needs to do the job right. Heavy metal vise

measures 5x3-inches. 24j,2x14-in. storage

tray. Large wood drawer means tools are

always handy. Peg board tool rack measures

32x6 in. Top. is 28 in. from floor.

Made of warp-resistant particle board ...

a resinous bonded wood that can take pound–

ing. Wood top is finished with clear lacquer

. . . bright trim. Easy


assemble. Tools,

birdhouse not included.


N 01520K-Shipping weight 27 lbs......• $I 0.95

New ! Tool Belt for Jr. Linemen with plier holder

Three-pro ject Craft Kit with Saw

Looks just like real

telephone repair–





for tree climbers.

Slip-joint pliers,

screwdriver; Happi–

Time 5-oz. hammer

with adz-eye,* fric–

tion tape on chain

holder. Top grain

leather belt fits waist

size 22 to 30 in. Wt.

2 lbs. 4 oz.

49N 1517... Set $2.89

Easy! Fun! Make




g duck,

handy book rack and

a bird house. Includes

everything except paints.

Outlines printed on

three 11Yixi6 Yi-inch

wood panels. Just saw,

assemble and paint.

Coping saw with blade.

Har'dware and instruc- .

tions incl. Wt. 4 lbs. 4 oz.

49N 1593..... .. Kil $2.79


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